You smashed it but what happens next time?

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Posted by , 3rd March 2020

You smashed it but what happens next time? How do you beat or improve on an idea that delivered record exhibiting results? Exhibitors Only

When an event is this busy, you need a big idea to grab visitor attention

What do you do when;

You come up with a high gloss, admiration-winning idea for a show feature that blows all previous exhibiting records away? 

Answer: You have to come up with something even bigger and better for the next event, of course!

Well, that’s bosses for you. 

Gratitude and effusive thanks one minute, switching quickly to a demand for even more greatness next time. 

That’s the fate of the successful event marketer. 

A scenario illustrated beautifully in a back-copy article from the very excellent Exhibitor Magazine.

I’m a long-term fan and reader of this esteemed journal and you can read the article here.

I won’t spoil the story other than to tell you it includes a spectacular exhibit; some excellent pre-show marketing and some very impressive sales-building results. 

It’s a very big idea for a huge event and an excellent read.

Anyone involved in event marketing will find this useful even if the budgets they work with are more modest in scale compared to those of the heroine of this story.

Big thinking for tighter budgets

Closer to home and away from the stretch limo filled world of US events…

I’ve been fortunate to know and work with some excellent exhibiting exponents.

Articles by two such skilled individuals can be accessed below – I think you’ll find their viewpoints useful and inspiring.

If you want to make or increase sales, all three articles in this post demonstrate how trade shows can move you to Laurence Olivier level star-status within the companies in which you work. 

That’s sales or revenue-generating royalty, my friend.

Those two posts are: 

Meet Jeannette La: An interview with an exhibiting whizz
The importance of the trade show coffee machine

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