Why all this talk about lists?

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Posted by , 19th March 2020

Why all this talk about lists?

“Why does Exhibitors Only keep on promoting prospect list building and data services? What has that got to do with exhibitions and events?”

As that question has arisen a few times now, perhaps an explanation would be helpful.

To make sales you need to have people to whom you can sell your product or service (or invite to an exhibition).

In the early days of a company’s life, that list of prospective clients may number less than a few dozen.

As a business grows, the prospective client list usually grows too.

But the number of contacts within a prospect list is just one part of the story.

It’s the quality of the data that’s stored that makes the most significant difference to the marketing and sales functions of the operation.

Over time, data quality deteriorates unless there is rigorous maintenance.

One of the services we offer deals with this problem.

It cleans-up data by removing duplicate addresses; fills-in missing email addresses and phone numbers or job title fields.

A cleaned-up list is an asset to sales and marketing people alike.

Email response rates improve, salespeople devote less time to finding the right people to pitch.

It’s the foundation from which many other positive sales and marketing initiatives can develop.

And that’s why we promote list building and data services like this one.

Robust data is an asset for any company whether they take part in exhibitions or not.

To discuss strengthening your data email david@exhibitorsonly.biz

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