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Why plugging holes is so satisfying

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Posted by , 25th October 2019

Why plugging holes is so satisfying: That's holes in your sales data

If these guys get into the roof of your house, trouble is sure to come (as seen at Brand Licensing Europe).

A hole in the roof of your house, even a small one can cause lots of problems if not fixed quickly. 

Everything from water damage to squirrels moving into your place of abode (a noisy situation I have experienced) can happen. 

The problem with holes like these is that they can sometimes take a while to spot. 

You only notice them once damage to your ceiling starts to appear, or when the squirrels start having parties above your head.

That’s when repairs or removal of critters can be expensive. 

It’s the same with data and the information or lack of, in your CRM or sales database.

Little holes, like a data field, left uncompleted here and an email address missed there, eventually cause damage to the roof of your sales funnel. 

How does the damage manifest itself?

Bounce rates increase, open and response rates decrease. 

And ultimately, your sales can suffer as conversion rates slip downwards. 

It’s why plugging those holes is both essential and satisfying.

With data leaks plugged, you move from seeing metrics slipping backwards, almost magically start climbing upwards, including those all-important sales achieved figures.

What’s the most critical element in a direct marketing campaign?

Guess what; it isn’t the copy, and it’s not the creative either. 

The most important thing is the quality of the list you use. 

You can have excellent copy and fantastic creative but if the list you email or send a letter has more holes in it than a regular-sized sieve, well you just know the results are not going to be great. 

If this a problem that afflicts the sales data in your business, fear not. 

I have a very talented friend who can help you fix a leaky, creaky database and chase away those data squirrels faster than a pest control operative. 

Check out the service here 

Improve your data, and you improve many aspects of your sales operation, including, of course, your ability to send targeted invitations whenever you exhibit.

Invite dormant clients, current clients and prospective clients to come and see your business alive and in person.

And when you see those real people actually on your stand, people who you knew only as data entries in your system, you too will have the satisfying feeling that comes from plugging holes. 

I never tire of that feeling and I hope you don’t either. 

PS. Talking of leaks – Last weekend, my wife and I saw the new Keira Knightley movie, Official Secrets. We found it a very watchable film.

The plot is based on the true story of Katherine Gun, who worked at Britain’s official spy centre GCHQ during the first years of this century. 

Unfortunately for Ms Gun, she had a conscience, and so she felt compelled to leak a memo, to a newspaper in a bid to stop the UK going to war in Iraq. 

As you can imagine her bosses and the UK government, didn’t take this too well, especially as she and her many colleagues, had all signed the Official Secrets Act. 

Without giving the story away, Ms Gun gets rumbled, and tension ensues. Enjoy. 

PPS.  I understand no squirrels were hurt in the making of the movie. 

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