Why it’s all about inviting the right group of people

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Posted by , 14th March 2022

When inviting buyers to visit your trade show stand, here’s something to keep in mind.

You can’t motivate a buyer to attend the show.

Nope. Buyers have their own motivations and objectives.

What you can do is influence those who have already made up their minds to attend to come and see you.

Knowing what might pique the interest of those people can help you attract more of them to your stand.

The single biggest reason attendees cite for attending trade exhibitions in any sector is to see what’s new. 

By this, they mean what’s new to them, and that’s a critical distinction to note.

New in this context means products and suppliers they have not come across before. It doesn’t mean brand new launch products.

It’s the kind of “new” that helps buyers keep innovating within their businesses and stay ahead of their competition

Using this knowledge to best effect is the subject of the upcoming issue of the Exhibitors Only newsletter. Publication details will follow soon.

Meantime, if you have a show coming up, think about;

  • Marketing to those buyers who are planning to attend (not buyers in general); get on their lists of stands to visit
  • Think about and use “new” within stand messaging and in pre-show marketing
  • Incentives or stand attractions can strengthen your visiting appeal

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David O’Beirne

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