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Why fewer visitors shouldn’t stop you exhibiting

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Posted by , 1st September 2020

Are you in two minds about returning to trade shows this autumn? It's understandable but safety fears and fewer visitors should not deter you

Trade shows might not be as busy as they were before the pandemic when they restart but that’s not necessarily bad news for exhibitors

Are you in two minds about returning to trade shows this autumn?

You know they’re great for building sales, but you have understandable concerns. 

There are staff safety issues to consider, and there’s uncertainty about attendance. Will buyers come back to events?

Rest your mind on the safety issue. Three government assessed “test” events take place this coming week. They must all show the consistent application of safety procedures to pass. 

Given all of the strenuous preparation work done on safety so far, events receiving official clearance for reopening should not be a problem. 

Temperature scanners, one-way routes around halls, multiple sanitising stations and a host of other measures will be in force. 

So, the critical issue in exhibitor’s minds is “will visitors attend?” when shows restart.

The answer is yes, but there will be fewer of them on the floor. 

Should that fact put you off exhibiting? Not if you want to make sales. 

Yes, there will be fewer visitors, but those attending will be serious buyers, and those are the kind you need to meet. 

Won’t exhibiting be unprofitable? 

Only if you display as you would have done before the pandemic struck.

Exhibiting can still be profitable if you cut the size of your space and reduce your stand staff. 

Many stand builders are now producing “safe stands” designed with these features in mind;  here’s an example from one of my clients. 

And, there will be a greater opportunity for content distribution as many of the first shows to reopen will be hybrid events. 

Confidence needs to be rebuilt 

If it’s safe to visit a supermarket, it’s safe to visit a trade show and probably more so. 

An organiser’s ability to track and trace is of the highest standard due to the registration data they collect. 

One thing is for sure; if “Business” doesn’t get back to doing business soon, the economy is going to be a much bigger problem for a substantial part of our population, than the pandemic.

Let’s do whatever we can to stop that happening wherever it’s safe to do so.  

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