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What’s your process?

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Posted by , 9th May 2020

Process is powerful; it's a way of organising things to deliver a desired result. Creating processes for exhibiting is the subject in this post from EO

Process is about organising things in a way that will deliver the desired result.

It can also mean designing a series of actions that respond to something that happens.

The strength of process as a response is that you don’t have to think about what to do next. It’s mapped out for you already.

“When such and such happens, do this.”

“This is our policy for refunds.”

“Our induction process covers these key areas..”

“This is the way we do things concerning…”

Standardised processes save individuals and businesses many hours of thinking time and therefore many, many ££ £’s.

New ways of thinking or responding to situations that occur frequently or even occasionally are not needed.

A situation arises, and the process kicks in.

So what is the process now for marketing and exhibiting in a situation most businesses never envisaged?

You’re probably better qualified than me to answer the marketing question. 

My view is that communication with clients and prospective clients is all-important. 

Keeping both groups posted on what your business can offer now has got to be worthwhile.

Taking the time to review and adjust marketing processes as the lockdown eases in progressive phases is also a good idea. 

Concerning trade shows restarting, the picture is still unclear, but it’s unlikely to be anytime this side of September.

Live marketing in the meantime means webinars, virtual exhibitions and conferences. 

You can apply many of the same processes for generating an audience and following-up for these as you would for a trade show. 

Useful substitutes like virtual events are just that, substitutes until the best live marketing method returns. 

While awaiting the return of live events, (and our event marketing forums);

  • Improve the robustness of your prospect list
  • Sharpen your email marketing
  • Build your own branded, in-house display space for video product presentations and demonstrations. 

We can help you with all three as I will explain if you drop me a line by email to; david@theexhibitionagency.com

Wishing you safe and well.

David O’Beirne

Target Account List Building

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