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What’s your Amazon?

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Posted by , 8th May 2020

If I asked; "what’s your Amazon?" I would really be asking what your de-platforming risk is? Sales could stop in an instant just as they have for exhibitors

If I asked you; “what’s your Amazon?” I would really be asking what your de-platforming risk is?  

For online sellers, being de-platformed which means having their account shut down on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, or any other media channel they don’t own is a huge commercial risk.

It means that sales could stop in an instant. 

The supplier’s route to market is cut-off and huge financial pain ensues all at the whim of a social media giant with rules that you break at your commercial peril. 

It’s a lot like what has happened now for companies that rely heavily on trade shows for their sales. 

Unlike the unfortunate online businesses and influencers referred to above, you haven’t done anything to cross the line of acceptable behaviour with your organiser. 

Coronavirus is the villain in this case, and I would estimate that it has de-platformed a minimum 250,000 exhibiting businesses worldwide in one very foul sweep. 

So what can you do now that a channel you have relied on has been closed to you?

The answer is to strengthen and develop the use of your media; the routes to market that you own. 

Principally there are two of these; Your website and your database. You can never be de-platformed from either.

Of course, there is always the risk that your website can be hacked, taken over or removed from the web by cybercriminals or the secret service of a foreign power, but those scenarios are unlikely. 

And even if that did happen, you would still have your database – the ultimate insurance platform that you own and control.  

So how strong is that list? 

Are there holes that need filling? Are there companies to be added? 

If so, our list cleaning and building service is what you need.

Content produced for your website and social channels is also an ideal food for your email marketing. 

Regular communication with your clients and prospective clients is vital in the absence of events. 

A robust and responsive database is the tool that can help generate enquiries and sales until the trade show platform is back and fully operational. 

Here’s the link for list building and cleaning: https://exhibitorsonly.biz/exhibition_services/target-account-list-building/

Wishing you safe and well.

David O’Beirne 

PS. For twelve things you can be doing to support event marketing while working from home go here.

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