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Trees that survive storms are those that bend

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Posted by , 9th July 2020

judo and the art of going or bending with your opponent

Judo, the “gentle” art teaches students to use the force of an opponent against them

I came across helpful advice in my teens when I was an active Judoka (one who does  Judo).

It’s advice that you find in different martial arts described in different ways.  

Trees that survive storms are those that bend with the wind rather than those that remain upright.

The upright trees are the ones most often uprooted and blown down.

The analogy for martial artists?

Use the force or style of an opponent against them rather than meet their strength with yours head-on. 

It’s how a smaller and less able fighter can beat a bigger and stronger adversary – if you practice hard!

Currently, there are no exhibitions to attend, and this is a severe problem for companies that rely on trade shows for attracting sales enquiries and leads. 

How then do you bend to this problem and keep enquiries coming?

My advice; create a different sort of “event” for the audience you wish to reach.

Right now, that would be a digital product or series of products that you market to the audience within your customer and sales database.

It could be a whitepaper, an in-depth report or some other form of helpful content that you can launch into the market. 

The important thing is that you make that launch an “event” with lead-up promotion to a day your content is released. 

In “normal” exhibiting times, this is an excellent way to tie digital and event marketing more closely together.  

To see just some of the things you could be producing visit this page on the Exhibitors Only website. 

So now in judo parlance; Hajime! (begin). 

Keep moving towards your best business picture

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