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Confex 2017: Trees, robots and a sea view create show impact

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Posted by , 2nd March 2017

Confex 2017: A quick review of impactful exhibiting products

Three shares from Confex 2017 at Olympia.

1. Trees make great exhibit props

The first ‘like” is shown in the image above. This is the front face of the Event Trees stand which you can see was really creative. This stand attracted a lot of attention and it’s easy to see why. I have to say it was just as enticing on the reverse side too. The doorway (shown below) was actually the entrance into the stand. Very enticing and a great way to use approx. 70sqm of show space.


2. A robot with a sense of humour

Titan the Robot (shown below) is an android who really knows how to make visitors stop and stare. Apart from being a very good mover on the dance floor, he loves to interact and talk with visitors. He has a good line in humour too and he also likes spray visitors with some refreshing cold water as he walks around the show. This is no quiet exhibit. See Titan in action for yourself here .

3. Giant graphics

After my noisy and damp encounter with Titan, I was then soothed and impressed by some brilliant graphics. They formed the stand of the Extra Large Group and are shown below. The walls, ceiling, and floor of this stand are all printed graphics. They looked even more impressive live than they do in the image. The walls of the stand are illuminated with LED lighting. This creates a display that looks digital from a distance. Imagine a shell scheme stand looking like this…. Boy, would it stand out amongst its neighbours, which funnily enough, is exactly what happened here, in this part of Confex.

Confex is an annual show that takes place in London at Olympia. The next edition of this show takes place in March 2019.

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