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Trade Shows return in the UK from 1st October 2020

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Posted by , 21st July 2020

At last, some good news for exhibitors; trade shows have received the go-ahead from the UK government to return on 1st October.

Getting back towards how things were can start in October but events will be different for a while (image David O’Beirne)

At last, some good news for exhibitors and the events industry. 

Exhibitions have received the go-ahead from the government to restart on 1st October. 

We, and by we, I mean any business that exhibits at shows or supplies them, now has a timeframe with which to work.

The return of trade shows is subject to “some test events running successfully” – more on that a little further on. 

Time to get your exhibiting mojo back

Trade shows in the autumn of 2020 will be different from those held pre-February. 

There will be temperature scanning of visitors before they enter and an emphasis on keeping to a safe distance. 

There are likely to be fewer visitors, but those attending will be people who need products and solutions. 

Stands are likely to have fewer stand staff on them too. This change may affect the size of some stands (not necessarily making them smaller). 

The trade associations that serve the UK events industry have proposed safety measures widely adopted in France, Germany, Italy and other countries that host significant scale events. 

Their combined lobbying has paid off. 

Here’s a short extract from details circulated last Friday.  

“Organisers, venues and suppliers have worked tirelessly to create COVID-19 safe guidelines which create the framework for the safe re-opening of exhibitions in a COVID-secure way (these will be issued shortly following final government sign off). These include, but are not limited to the ability to track and trace our audiences and create bespoke events on a risk-assessed basis.”

It’s on this basis that test events will take place, (the “test” events will be confirmed imminently). 

By appointment

There are a couple of things you might want to think about now if you plan to exhibit this autumn/winter. 

  1. Will you need to amend the design of your stand? The goal; to create a safe display space both for visitors and your stand team and still be able to generate leads. 
  2. Using an appointment system for stand visitors could help you attract more buyers.

 An upcoming issue will examine safe stands in detail so, for now, more on appointment setting.

Appointment setting with stand visitors serves two purposes. 

i) It helps you control the number of people on your stand, and this will reassure buyers and your colleagues.

ii) Appointment setting can help you spread buyer visits across the day, and this makes for more effective use of sales time (plus you know who’s coming to see you). 

Using this approach doesn’t mean that you have to turn away walk-up visitors, although, you might ask some to come back later if they approach during busy periods. 

Why mention this? 

Instilling confidence in would-be attendees will be vital when it comes to creating successful events.  Appointment setting is one of many things you can do to increase that confidence especially if you explain its place in a wider safety-driven context.  

Plus; it’s a way of making your own exhibiting time more productive. 

If you don’t have lists of buyers to invite or if your data has holes in it; we can help. Email: david@exhibitorsonly.biz and we can book time for a call. 

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