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Posted by , 26th February 2019

Successful exhibiting can depend on many things. Being tall might be one of them as highlighted in this post from Exhibitors Only
Successful exhibiting can depend on many things. Being tall might just be one of them.

First, you need an audience to be there. That’s the organiser’s job.

Second, you need the right people working with you on the stand. That might be your job…

Positive, outgoing, friendly types. A team that will show the best aspects of your business to the outside world.

By the way, they don’t need to be tall.

Third, you need a stand that delivers in helping you to attract the type of visitors you want to meet.

The ones that you hope you will be doing business with for years to come.

So what does that type of stand need to do for you?

I think it has to do some very straightforward but important things.

It has to show that your business is present at the show.

Your stand should help you to be seen by visitors. You can’t afford to be an anonymous wallflower when you exhibit.

It also has to make it very clear to those visitors, what it is that you do.

And it has to perform this function in seconds.

In a busy and crowded exhibition hall, visitors are assailed by many sights and messages.

They have just a few seconds to weigh up whether or not a stand is one that they want to visit.

So my suggestion for those of you that are seeking to change things up with your display is to consider growing taller.

There are some excellent reasons for upward thinking

It ticks the box for brand visibility.

Raising the roof so to speak, will usually create more space for branding or exhibits to be displayed.

Usually, stands that build higher look more interesting.

And, you don’t need to be exhibiting on a giant stand with a massive budget in order to create this effect.

I will show you why in some of the examples that follow.

A neat combination of digital and graphics 

Absolute Apparel’s stand as seen above at the Printwear & Promotion Show combines three excellent elements when it comes to getting noticed and trade show practicality.

Digital screens were hung at high-level. Moving images attract the eye.

Plus, they had some excellent product displays playing on their screens.

Below the screens, the roof structure of the stand was used as a branding wall for Apparel’s logo.

And by hanging their product displays from the central pod, the designers ensured that Apparel’s products could be seen clearly. Finally, there was lots of space for visitors to move around the stand.

No doubting who this stand belongs to 

Finden+Hales were also exhibiting at the Printwear & Promotion Show.

Their stand combined great branding at a high level with excellent graphics and strong product displays.

What I wanted to highlight though was that each component could be used effectively on a smaller stand.

The tall wall structure with the impact graphic could be used on a more modest floorspace site.

The branded hanging canopy with lighting would work extremely well over a space with minimal stand construction underneath. Think car displays, boat shows, and big machinery events.

The product wall idea could be applied to lots of different types of businesses.

I have to say that Printwear is an excellent event to visit for display ideas both for stands and graphics.

Given the business of the show, I guess you wouldn’t expect anything else.

Keoghs stand image courtesy of Guardian Display

Lightboxes beef-up small stands

The development of tall lightboxes has opened-up lots of branding possibilities.

Here’s one that shows how you can transform a small stand space (Keoghs site is just 3m x 2m in area).

With a display like this, you make both your stand and brand more visible. And you can achieve both goals without the rigging costs that come with hanging banners.

It’s a very neat and professional solution.

Standing-up for Spanish interests at bett

Here’s another example of a tall display this time from bett 2019 (the lightbox element is at the top of the display).

Although the stand occupies a large area, the branding tower itself has a small footprint yet it offers a lot of branding space.

A variety of businesses are being promoted but you can see quite clearly see that this is the Spanish Trade Group stand.

This is another idea you could use on a smaller stand space or when you exhibit as part of a group as shown here.

So here is the Grumpy Mule (nice homepage guys – very grumpy) exhibiting at European Coffee Expo at Olympia in London.

This is another small stand but I like the lightbox sign they have used to highlight their presence and position.

It’s a simple and cost-effective addition to their display.

These guys know how to Excel…

You would expect one of the world’s biggest corporations to do things in style which is exactly what Microsoft did at bett in January.

We may not have their budgets but we can certainly “borrow” some of their ideas.

Essentially, their stand was built around a big, 4m tall box in the middle of their site.

The angled structure sitting around the box provided an attractive roofline (it breaks-up the box shape at the top).

Brightly coloured hanging lozenges (which are not expensive) were hung at each corner.

And the large Microsoft sign, which hangs from the ceiling, made sure that we knew whose stand this was.

Rigging costs are expensive but when you have a big space and you want to make an impact then the cost can be justified.

Especially if you use that rigging for impact signage and branding like this.

And like the examples taken from Printwear, this stand had lots of space around the box for visitors and stand staff to move in.

Standing tall

You can add height to your stand and create some impact without building anything.

This point is illustrated very clearly by the image at the top of this page.

The tall lady in the picture came from CEP a company who specialise in providing very visual corporate entertainers.

And if you look back into past issues of Exhibitors Only, you’ll see that we have highlighted other tall attention grabbers including; an 8 foot Sherlock Holmes, many tall trees (real and artificial) and a giant stuffed giraffe.

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t afford to be an anonymous wallflower when you exhibit.

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