Trade show marketing disaster averted

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Posted by , 1st November 2019

Trade show marketing disaster averted: Even show organisers can screw-up promotional plans as explained in this post from Exhibitors Only

There we were, me and the rest of the show organising team sitting in a cosy office in Connecticut. Heavy snow was falling outside.

We were gathered to hear details of a marketing plan for a big trade show taking place in Chicago three months hence. 

Our company’s Head of Marketing enthused about the campaign.

He was confident it would increase our previously impressive audience numbers. 

Now, I don’t know if you are familiar with the US postal system and just how slow it can be in delivering mail…

You see this incident took place a few years back when much of our visitor attraction campaign was relying on direct mail. 

To cut a long story short; midway through the presentation, we discovered more than 200k pieces of mail would be delivered two-three weeks after the show was over. 

This fact became apparent when a statement about significant savings on postage rates was made by our HoM.

In a bid to save marketing dollars, our Head of Marketing had picked the wrong postage rate for sending out promotional material. 

The cost to the business would have been vastly higher than the wasted print and postage

Audience numbers for the show would have been massively down.

We may not even have had an event at all the following year. 

The cost to the business, when measured by the lifetime value of that show, was in the millions of dollars. 

Luckily for the show, its exhibitors and our company’s business, the mistake was rectified. An emergency promotional plan was put into place and a trade show marketing disaster was averted.

Sadly, the Head of Marketing fared less well. 

What has this got to do with exhibiting? 

Well if you exhibit and you don’t promote your company’s presence, you are missing a significant sales opportunity. 

That’s because trade show organisers invest considerable sums in promoting their events. 

They make buyers in the markets they serve, aware of the event and all it offers.

They use a variety of promotional tools to do this.

Today, those tools usually involve digital marketing as a campaign mainstay.

However, I’ve noticed that good old direct mail is making a comeback. 

Exhibitors can make use of this valuable event promotional bounce by inviting clients and hot prospects to visit them at the show.

And, it’s a big missed opportunity if they don’t. 

Trade shows provide an excellent reason to meet, break the ice or rekindle relations with clients past, current and prospective. 

We can help you to make the most of the opportunities on offer.

We understand the event medium.

Targeted pre-and post-show campaigns aimed at the people you most want to be doing business are our speciality.

For full details see

David O’Beirne

Want to attract more of the right visitors to your stand?

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