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Do you spend too much time organising your exhibition stand?

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Posted by , 22nd October 2019

do you spend too much time organising your stand?

Do you spend so much time organising your exhibition stand that you forget about marketing your company’s presence?

I’m prompted to ask this question following a conversation with a frustrated exhibition organiser. 

Why the frustration?

It’s not as though his exhibitors were unenthusiastic about the show and the opportunity. 

They really are. 

In fact, so enthusiastic they are spending masses of time on designing their stands, and that’s great. 

However, if you design a great stand but don’t promote your presence at the event, you are sabotaging your results, albeit unknowingly. 

And therein lies the frustration for my organiser friend and I would guess for many other organisers too. 

Exhibitors and I generalise here, are poor promoters of themselves when they exhibit. 

There are different reasons for this problem

First and foremost is that exhibitors and newbie organisers think trade shows are about structures and excellent organising skills. 

That’s only one part of the story, and it’s not the most important part either. 

The most important part of the job if you are an organiser is delivery of the audience.

If you are an exhibitor, the product you buy is the audience and not a physical structure. 

The stand structure you hire or buy is a means to an end. 

It is the delivery vehicle for your live event marketing story. 

That’s why promoting your presence when you exhibit is so important. 

When you exhibit, you have the opportunity to connect with your prospective clients.

Yes, I’m stating the obvious, but I mean that you have the opportunity to engineer connections with top prospects. 

That dear reader is a pro-active form of marketing.

It’s not a “let’s see who comes through the doors” sit back and wait for things to happen, passive kind of approach. 

Yes, it is the organisers’ job to get the attendance to the event, but after that, it’s every exhibitor for themselves  

You can weight the battle for attention in your favour if you tell people in advance what’s in it for them if they spend time with your company.

Highlight that great stand you’ve designed and more importantly, who, or what is going to be on it. 

Use participation to actively encourage first connections with top prospects and re-connections with dormant clients. 

In short, get busy!

If this is a problem due to lack of time, (for many exhibitors this is the real reason for lack of pre-event promotion), my business is set-up to help you. 

We can produce; lead magnets like whitepapers and reports, email campaigns, landing pages, videos, infographics, press releases and event follow-up materials.

We will work with you on deciding the best timing for elements of the campaign, liaise with organisers and the trade press where you need us to do this. 

To discuss things in more detail, send an email to me: david@exhibitorsonly.biz, and we can book time for a call.

Best regards, 

David O’Beirne

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