There’s a gap in your calendar

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Posted by , 16th May 2020

There's a gap in your calendar

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In fact, there are probably several gaps in your diary.

Holidays and trips you planned to take have gone. 

Maybe there’s a gap where a wedding should be or a big birthday bash.

And then, there’s the gap left by a postponed trade shows.

The show dates in your calendar may not be “fun” events, but their absence is keenly felt all the same. 

The biggest impact, of course, is the commercial one.  

The lack of sales from postponed event participation hits at a company and a personal level

If those missing sales are currently hurting your business, then if nothing else, the absence of shows in your calendar has validated their need and usefulness.

On the other hand, if you’re not missing those sales, you may decide you won’t need trade shows whenever they return. 

When and how they will return is unsure, but organisers, venues and suppliers to the events industry are lobbying government hard. 

Their business survival is at stake. 

One example of promotion to raise the profile of events, was this Twitter campaign.

It was designed to highlight the importance of the events industry to the UK economy. 

Last week also saw the publication of a report from UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry)

Global framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events post the emergence from COVID-19

The report outlines how the safe management of events could work. 

Here’s an extract from the introduction in the section headed “Additional environmental controls.”

“ Unlike most other types of large events, the format of an exhibition allows the organisers to structure and steer the audience on all steps of their journey.

From registration to their arrival on-site and entry, to the way they navigate show floors, meetings spaces, and auditoriums.

Exhibition venues are designed specifically to host and manage visitors to their site according to strict local authority security policies and international safety standards.

Positive progress is being made.

The UFI document will play an essential part in the ongoing discussions currently taking place with government ministers and officials. 

Here’s to filling-in those gaps in the calendar, and soon. 

Wishing you safe and well.

David O’Beirne

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