Could this be the worst follow-up process ever?

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Posted by , 17th March 2022

I don’t think I was ever in such an untidy workspace, not ever. 

Boxes and papers appeared randomly scattered around the room. 

As soon as I sat down, my client launched into a stern reprimand of the show. 

His big point was that the leads from the event were low quality, and therefore, he had wasted valuable marketing money. 

Before I had a chance to answer or counter in any way, his phone rang. 

Both of us could hear the phone; we just couldn’t see it.

He started lifting bits of paper and files, but he still couldn’t find the phone. 

His face went red; I started to feel a little embarrassed for him and thought I should help the search. 

He started opening the drawers of his desk, and I came around to his side to help. 

Then he found his phone in the bottom right-hand drawer. It was under another pile of paper.

As I was about to pull away, I saw lead forms with our show name on them (before digital data capture). 

They had been under the phone and were neatly bundled together with an elastic band.

I noticed that there were quite a lot of these forms. 

As my client was now fully occupied (and because he had laid into me so hard), I took the forms out of the drawer. 

His face, as I sat opposite him, engaged in his call while he could see me flicking through those forms, was a picture.

Once again, he was red in the face but now for a very different reason.

The leads were excellent. They included top names and job titles from the industries we said the show would attract. 

For some unknown reason, he had let them lay unfollowed up for more than three weeks.

It appeared that he hadn’t even looked at them since the show. 

We had a very different sort of conversation when he finished his call.

Suffice to say, he re-booked space for the next event.

And now a sales pitch for my trade show lead building service.

If you would like to increase stand visitors and improve your trade show sales enquiries, I (and my colleagues) would be delighted to help. 

Email to start a conversation about this. 

Very best,


David O’Beirne

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