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Event marketing tactics you can use while working from home

COVID-19 virus has been a personal tragedy for many thousands of families worldwide. It has also been a massive disruptor of business. 

With whole countries in “lockdown”, the virus is wreaking havoc with business and commerce in a way unforeseen just a few short months ago. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are now either working from home or are on furlough from their jobs. 

Thousands of Spring events have been postponed or cancelled. The Autumn period of 2020 is now chock full of exhibitions and conferences.

Massive holes in order books need filling

When trade shows and conferences return, they will play a vital part in helping to get commerce and the economy moving. 

Businesses like yours will once again have the opportunity to meet prospective clients and make sales. 

Being sufficiently ready to capitalise on those opportunities is the subject of our latest downloadable guide; “12 Event-Related Things You Can Do.”

It highlights twelve event tactics you can employ while working away from the office.

You can download “12 Event-Related Things You Can Do” by completing the short form below

I wish you, your family and colleagues, safe and well. 

David O’Beirne

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