Stand design: Who needs walls? Hanging your walls provides extra branding and floor space

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Posted by , 15th March 2017

Stand design: The hanging stand: Who needs walls?

Sometimes doing away with stand walls can be quite uplifting as shown in the image above.

This hanging stand from American Apparel at the BETA trade show caught my eye.

The suspended walls of the stand look like they hang above the space. 

It’s a great display idea because;

  • The design provides a huge and highly visible branding space above the stand
  • That’s great for brand visibility in the show
  • The stand space itself has an open feel with lots of room for visitors to walk around
  • You are never in doubt as to whose stand you are on

A smart but straightforward display idea and it could work for exhibitors in all sorts of industries. 

Swop clothes for car parts; materials handling machines; cars; boats; interactive screens; all would look good with this sort of display.

Exhibitors Only - Arden stand at Crufts 2017

Another take on the same idea

Here is a similar approach using the “hanging stand display” idea.

This time the stand is much bigger and more complex. It was the display choice used at Crufts by Arden Grange. 

I’m highlighting this because it shows the effect of a suspended banner very clearly. Both stand and brand are visible from some distance in what was a very crowded and needless to say, dog-friendly show.

Who can resist an Irish Wolfhound?

This was a big display of another kind entirely also seen at Crufts.

I love these gentle giants.

To uplifting displays and stand designs that produce results!

For more on stand design see this article.

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