Shell scheme stands: 5 elements that will improve standout at shows

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Posted by , 10th April 2017

                   An upgraded shell scheme stand with custom graphics shelving and extra lighting 

The beauty of a shell scheme stand is that it offers a really cost-effective and ready made way to exhibit. The organiser will provide you with carpet, stand walls and possibly some lighting and power depending on the type of booking that you make.

Shell scheme stands can be customised. You can order shelving, storage rooms and other things that can be built from the contractor’s shell scheme kit box because that’s what shell scheme is, a big kit of parts that can be made into a huge variety of assembled options including double-deck stands if required.

So what’s the downside?

The downside of using a shell scheme is that unless you plan otherwise, your stand is going to look pretty much like all of the other shell scheme stands in the show and given that one of the objectives of exhibiting is to stand out to the people that you most want to meet, that’s not helpful.

5 Tips For Low Cost Shell Scheme Design Elements

Go for strong graphics
For me using strong graphics is one of the most effective ways to transform a shell scheme stand and to achieve standout from exhibiting neighbours.

strong graphics on a shell scheme stand improve standout to show visitors

What I mean by strong graphics is, clear, uncluttered messaging and images. No small type which can’t be read from a distance. The Protein Pow stand at Food Matters Live, shown above is a great example of strong graphics on a very small stand.

Seamless graphics (see this article for an explanation) can make a small shell scheme stand look bigger in area because they present a decluttered image to the eye and as an added bonus they make your company look highly professional.

The event’s official stand contractor or a specialist exhibition graphics company can advise and install for you.

Add colour to Shell Scheme walls
As already mentioned, shell scheme is a kit and stands are built from individual panels (each of which is usually just under 1sqm in area).

Each panel is assembled in a frame and unless you specify otherwise you will be supplied with whatever the standard coloured panels are for the show – usually white or grey.

You can change the colour of panels if you organise this in advance. You might want to change just the panels that edge the aisle, or, all of the panels on one side of your stand or those along the back wall depending on where you plan to place your graphics, digital screens or exhibits.

You can also change the colour of your stand’s fascia and nameboard to match.

Roll out the Red Carpet 
Changing the colour of your shell scheme carpet is another simple but effective way to achieve standout and it doesn’t cost a great deal to do this. Stand contractors will be able to offer you a range of standard carpet colours and you can order in advance directly from the Exhibitor Manual.

Use Furniture to add Colour 
This is another standard product that can be changed and you don’t have to hire from the official show contractor, you can bring your own furniture if you wish although using a specialist contractor means that you won’t have to worry about delivery and collection and they will usually have an extensive product range for you to choose from.

cardboard stand furniture works well on shell scheme stands: it's strong; brand able; recyclable

                                                     Cardboard Furniture: Strong: Brandable: Recyclable

And you could opt for cardboard furniture which works well on small stands plus it can be branded with your company logo for extra impact and it’s 100% recyclable, an excellent feature of this product.

Branded clothing 
This is the simplest and cheapest way to standout from other shell schemes and all you need to do is have your team dress in the same colour. Even if there are only two of you working on the stand you will be surprised at the impact this can make especially if you have tied some element of your attire to the colour scheme being used on your stand.

There are other things that you can do to increase the impact and effectiveness of your stand as a sales tool (see this article) but if you start with the five ideas covered here you will be all on way to creating more impactful and effective stands at the shows that you attend.

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