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Say “No” to doomscrolling

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Posted by , 10th July 2020

Stop doomscrolling: Free-up time and enjoy better mental health. This post from Exhibitors Only shows four ways to improve time management and mental health

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

I came across the intriguing phrase “don’t be a doomscroller.” 

It promoted this recent story from WIRED.

The article contains excellent advice and sentiments I fully endorse for two reasons. 

1. Social media surfing is one of the biggest time thieves ever invented

2. Social media can mess with your head

Many years back, way before social media hit the planet, a wise person told me he never watched the news. 

When I asked why he said he didn’t want to be sucked into the doom and gloom vortex that news coverage created. 

I think he had spotted the dangers of doomscrolling before it was a thing.

He also felt the time spent watching could be better used. 

And that was before we had wall to wall, twenty-four-hour news coverage on dedicated channels.

I have followed his advice for some years although I admit, I sometimes watch the start of a bulletin to catch the headlines. 

You could argue that I’m ill-informed about the world, but I would say that I’m happier in myself and have read many more books as a result. 

And I don’t say that to be smug.

Instead, I believe that what I call “mind fitness” has to be cultivated and looked after just like physical fitness. 

You have to guard what goes into your mind just as you do when it comes to food and drink for the body. 

How I wish I was better at that!

When it comes to working, I think mind fitness plays a massive part in the ability to focus on specific tasks. 

To work without being distracted. 

It’s this ability more than any other that allows you to accomplish meaningful work. 

Lots of it as you apply the practice daily and achieve a higher level of “fitness.”

The most significant boost to time management I have found is the ability to work in chunks of time.

It means carving out sections of your day to focus on one task without distraction; No social media, no meetings, no phone calls; just the job in hand. 

Many people now have the opportunity to practice this way of working.

Working from home with no commuting and no office meetings to attend must have added extra time to the day. 

If you have children at home with you, then carving that space out is harder but as the work won’t go away, carve you must.

This post from Inc Magazine could be helpful in this situation or if you’re finding it hard to concentrate. 

So there are four tips I use to aid higher productivity and peace of mind, and I hope you find them useful. 

I shared them because I use them myself and I know they work, especially when I have to meet deadlines for copywriting assignments

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