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Sales team: We are too good for visitors to miss at this show!

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Posted by , 16th January 2018

Why we are too good for visitors to miss at this show!

Do you believe that your company; your stand; the whatever it is that your company does, is just too good for visitors to miss when you next exhibit?

Maybe, you’re not quite that excited yet or you haven’t thought about exhibiting this way before. Maybe, you don’t believe this to be the case?

Well, if you are the project leader for an upcoming show, you really do need to inspire confidence in the people who will be working the show with you. You have to demonstrate, well, leadership.

If the first paragraph was really true, how energised would you feel when preparing for the show? Would you be excited about the opportunity? Could you convey that excitement to visitors, to colleagues to the media? Could you convince that most sceptical group of people; your sales team?

And if you do feel that way and you can convey that excitement, no, you are not delusional. You are well on the way to a successful show and probably to a great career.

Not just wishful or optimistic thinking

Stay with me on this. Why could this aspect of exhibiting be so important?

This sort of mindset framing will help you find the marketing messages that will attract visitors when you exhibit. Messages that others may miss. It forces you to think about the things that visitors could or should be excited about in relation to your product or service.

But what if your product is “boring”

This way of thinking is particularly important for companies that promote so called “boring” widget type products or services. Sales staff in these situations can often be heard to say, “You just can’t get excited about this, it’s just a standard, run of the mill blah, blah. That’s the problem we have whenever we exhibit.”

You, as the show specialist, must beg to differ. The world runs on widgets of all descriptions and many businesses need those so easily dismissed services. Get excited and scare your colleagues. Let them know they are going to be busy at the next show. Here’s why and how.

1. You have identified all of the big benefits associated with your product and they are going to be shouted-out from your stand

Instead of focusing on the mechanics of your product or service, the so called, boring bit, which sadly is what many new exhibitors do, you have identified all of the benefits deliverable to clients.

It is these benefits and the way that they make life easier and more efficient for users that are going to be heavily promoted in advance of the show; at the show and after it.

All the ways that your product saves time; reduces costs, is easy to use; can be paid for monthly, delivers access to hundreds of skilled engineers  or accountants ….

These are the things that are going to make your stand and your company, just too good to miss when visitors attend the show.

2. You’ve invested in new display kit

To ensure that those benefits are seen as clearly as possible, you have invested in new graphics or hired digital screens or done both.

This investment and refresh of your existing display will make your  stand more visible within the show and more attractive to the people that are most suited to what you have to offer. Why is that? Because the benefits that will appeal to them will now be seen more clearly as they approach your space. And that’s good news for your sales people.

2a. Reinvigorating the sales team

The process of revisiting the real benefits of what you do for customers and the advantages you bring to them can be quite invigorating for a sales team. It acts like a refresher course that highlights that they do indeed have a great product to sell. Even the best sales people can benefit from this type of exercise. Plus, your thorough preparations will highlight that each salesperson, personally, has a great opportunity to make sales from this event. They can see this even more clearly when you tell them the next part of your plan.

3. You are alerting clients past and present to the show

In the lead-up to the event, you will be inviting clients past and present to visit your stand at the show. The first invitations will be sent three months out from the event and there will be further follow-ups after that. Your sales team are a key part of the process in getting their clients, including past ones to the show.  To recognise this, you are offering  a meaningful prize for the sales person who successfully attracts more clients than anyone else.

Why is this element so important? Because, people who who are already buying from you or have been clients in the past are far more likely to buy from your business again. So sales team, go to it.

4. You are alerting prospective clients pre-show

Generating new business and winning new clients is a top priority for most exhibitors.  That’s why you have devised a pre-show marketing campaign that invites the people on your prospect list to visit your stand at the show. When they visit they will learn how your widgets or services make their life easier and more profitable. And you are making that offer and stand visit sound not just interesting, but something that shouldn’t be missed.

4a. Why visitors  won’t want to miss your stand

There’s the opportunity to learn from experts about the savings and efficiencies that can be had. There are show-related offers that can only be obtained by coming to the stand.

There’s a fun, on-stand competition with decent and useful prizes for winners. There’s tea and coffee when visitors need a break. And there’s a great promotional product to collect.

Your Chief Executive is one of the speakers in the seminar programme. Advance show emails have a link to the session that he or she is participating in. This highlights the great speaker line-up on this important subject and if recipients respond quickly you can get them into the session as one of your VIP guests.

5. You’ve arranged a pre-show briefing session to go over show arrangements with the sales team

To finally convince the sales team and to ensure that every member is fully prepared or “on-message” as they say across the pond, you are holding a briefing meeting in advance of the show. All participating sales and stand staff must attend. This show is too important to skimp on details or preparation which will include being fully orientated with products, stand and venue.

6. Why you are excited about this opportunity and why the sales team will be too

Your core message is exciting.  “We are going to generate a lot of leads and we are going to make a lot of sales. And you are all going to be really busy because our stand and what we have to offer is just too good to miss.”

Why are you so sure? Because you’ve been thorough. You’ve made preparations to ensure that this is the case. You and they both now know why your stand is just too good to miss. Now, all you have to do is make it so.

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