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Sales go better when you come out of your shell

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Posted by , 9th January 2020

This post from Exhibitors Only recommends why you should come of your shell scheme stand when you exhibit at trade shows if you want to make more sales

Not a shell scheme in sight at this event at ExCeL London

It doesn’t pay to be the shy and retiring type if you want to work in sales.

As someone who comes from a long line of incredibly quiet people, I had to work hard to overcome my natural tendency to shyness in front of strangers.

So although choosing to work in sales would seem like a strange career choice, it’s one I’m very glad that I made.

Doing so helped to make me much more outward-looking and a better communicator with my fellow humans. 

Working in sales and marketing took me out of my shelland that’s what I want to recommend to you if you usually exhibit in a shell scheme stand.

I say this because;

  • Shell stands are usually built as blocks – individual stands can blend into one in the eyes of visitors 
  • You don’t want to be the quiet wallflower stand in the background – this can hurt your exhibiting success
  • The fascia panels of shell stands can act as visual barriers blocking sightlines
  • There are better modular display options available like the one shown below

Shell stands do an excellent job as an entry-level route into exhibiting. 

They are also the right option for you if you are testing a new event and want to do this cost-effectively and in a low-risk way. 

What they can’t do is help your business to stand out on a busy exhibition floor. 

A modular stand option will provide you with better display space for graphics or digital screens or a combination of both. 

These elements will help you communicate what you offer clearly and concisely. 

The image below shows how to achieve these objectives. 

This post from Exhibitors Only recommends why you should come of your shell scheme stand when you exhibit at trade shows if you want to make more sales

This modular stand occupies a 6m x 3m space.

It combines strong wall and floor graphics with a large digital screen.  

Storage space in this stand’s design helped to pack a lot of useful features into a relatively small area.

This combination of features delighted the client, and their first show with new display proved highly successful for generating new business enquiries.

Modular stands are also an attractive option if your stand space varies from show to showThey can be expanded or reduced as required. 

Our website provides more information on this approach to exhibiting – click the link for details and an enquiry form: https://exhibitorsonly.biz/exhibition_services/exhibition-stands/

Best regards, 

David O’Beirne

PS. If you have already committed to shell scheme, don’t worry, there is a solution for making it look like a custom-designed stand. Highlight that you have a shell stand booked on the enquiry form on this page on our website. 

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