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The”Pre-Meeting” builds trade show sales faster

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Posted by , 27th January 2020

The trade show pre-meeting strategy; engineer sales conversations with prospective clients in advance of a show. This post explains in more detail.

The Canva stand at BETT 2020. Many people in the audience will have been invited to these seminars in advance of the show

What’s a pre-meeting? 

A pre-meeting is where you “meet” someone you were hoping to see at a trade show in advance of that event. 

It’s a strategy I recommend to build sales faster.

“Meeting” can take place by phone, email or in person. 

The point is not how your two organisations meet and start talking togetherit’s that you are talking before the event.

The pre-meeting, which is really all about starting a sales conversation, is one of the significant benefits of pre-show marketing. 

It’s a way of using your trade show participation to generate sales interest and even leads before you get anywhere near the show.

I think of pre-show marketing as the art of engineering sales conversations.

It’s not only about getting more people onto a stand. That’s an important part of the job for sure.

But go a little bit deeper than thinking about peeps on your stand and you can achieve much more.

This is the kind of result that our Vis Builder service is designed to achieve for trade show exhibitors. 

You’ll find a full explanation here.

In simple terms, the pre-meeting strategy moves you down the sales track faster.

That’s because you start the sales process well before a show and you attract primed visitors to your stand.

You and your stand team won’t have to ask ‘what brings you to the show today” because you’ll already know.

It was you and your pre-meeting strategy.

To greater sales!

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