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How to confound those nosey parkers

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Posted by , 9th June 2020

Confound those nosey parkers

Flicking through the papers over the weekend, raised a chuckle.

Specifically coverage of the angst some TV viewers feel upon seeing “questionable” books on the shelves of government ministers and experts.

They must have excellent eyesight, giant screens or both!

They probably have the interest of looking into other people’s houses and lives shared by most other humans. 

But, it does show those viewers were paying more attention to the background scenery than to what was being said. 

If you want to stop the nosey parkers prying on your video calls, my friends at Guardian Display can quickly provide a branded background solution that will keep your company name and you, front and centre. 

Banner dimensions are 100cm (wide) x 200cm (tall). 

They are super quick to erect and store in a small space.

Cost per banner is £120 plus VAT, and the price includes delivery to a UK address. 

To order email anthony.booty@gdisplay.co.uk or call Anthony direct on 07872 542 617. 

Anthony will explain the artwork and proofing arrangements.

To interesting reading!

I wish you safe and well. 

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