The most valuable piece of land you can stand on?

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Posted by , 27th November 2019

is your trade show stand the most valuable piece of land you can rent?

Fantastic images in lightboxes like these of the Power Puff Girls and other cartoon heroes adorned the Warner Bros stand at Brand Licensing Europe

Land values have soared here in the UK for many years now.

Getting on the property ladder in dear old London town, where I live and work, costs many arms and legs, to use the local parlance. 

It’s the same story wherever you live too, I’m sure.  

Property prices have skyrocketed, so much so that getting actually to own a leaky roof over your head can take fifty plus years of mortgage repayments.*  

But some towns, locations and pieces of land, still represent much better value for money than others. 

A parcel of land you might be severely undervaluing

The land I’m talking about is the rented ground you stand on in a trade show hall.

Renting this space could be the most valuable property investment that your business makes.

If you make the most of your participation that it is. 

Many of my trade show exhibitor clients told me stories of how their growth exploded because of show participation. 

Hearing about their success was the highlight of my organising job. 

And their successes fuelled my enthusiasm for helping exhibitors grow their businesses ever since. 

I helped my wife launch a successful business with one simple idea

What was that idea? Visit a trade show. She did and she sourced her first products and suppliers.

Thirteen years on, she still works with many of those same companies.

Her business grew dramatically when she (and me) started exhibiting at consumer shows at Olympia, the NEC and many other smaller venues too. 

Her business, by the way, is

If you think trade show rental prices are steep, think about how much it would cost you rent or buy a showroom in central London, New York, Berlin or another commercial centre of your choosing.

Then they look like bargain rates. 

Or, if you were to organise a product launch or corporate gathering that attracted thousands of people to one location, how much would that cost you to do? 

What about the cost of building a qualified customer and prospect list from scratch quickly? I rest my case. 

Exhibiting success isn’t rocket science; however, there are things you can do to ensure you extract the most value from your land rental.

One of those things is described here:

Very best,  

David O’Beirne

*One hundred year mortgages have been available in Japan since 1995

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