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Leading our clients to greater results

All SME’s know that exhibiting at trade shows is one of the best and surest ways to generate new leads and sales.

What they are not always sure about is how to crank their results higher. 

Often there’s a feeling there are more sales to be had. That there is more value to be extracted. 

It’s not uncommon. 

And that’s where we can help.

However, before we can help you improve your results, we need to know something about your business and its aspirations.  

We start the whole process with a scheduled fact-finding conversation.

We need to know about your enterprise and the people and companies you most want to be doing business with. 

In the call, we will ask you questions about how you market your business and the events in which you participate and your sales results to date.

Once we have this information sorted in our heads, we will provide you with a report. 

It will be an overview of stats and information based on what you have told us and what we have found out for ourselves.   

If all goes according to plan, the report will highlight two things. 

  1. It will show that we understand your sales objectives
  2. It will demonstrate our ability in this field 

There is no cost to you for this report. 

If you like what we say you may decide to hire us to put all or some of our recommendations into action. 

You may decide to do things yourself. 

No problem. That’s our risk. 

Our consultancy service is for businesses that want a specialist partner for their event activity over the long-term.  

If you exhibit at trade shows; take part in conferences or, organise events for your company, we can help accelerate your sales and ultimately, the growth of your business. 

So, if working with a partner that’s focused on your results sounds right, let’s have that conversation. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Recent clients

Complete Studio Graphics; Digital Art Graphics; Ecoprod Technique; Expo Stars Interactive; Flotilla Media; GES; Guardian Display; Henry’s Coffee; International Lifting & Shipping; luvponies.com; Mines & Money Events; NEC Group; Platform Business Media; Quinic Events; ReadSpeaker; TASC Software; The Commercial Vehicle Show; The Giftware Association

We combine digital and direct marketing to enhance event results as explained here.

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