Why your trade show stand is a lot like a website

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Posted by , 4th November 2019

Ever thought about marketing trade show stands as you would a website? There are good reasons why you should as explained in this post from Exhibitors Only

How will you entice visitors like these arriving at ExCeL London
to your stand?

I like to tell exhibiting peeps that their trade show stands are a lot like their websites. 

Let’s say that you’re exhibiting in one of the big shindigs for your industry.

You know, one where there are hundreds of stands and thousands of people crisscrossing the floor.  

Let’s also assume that you are not one of the biggie exhibitors either. 

You may have a decent-sized and good looking stand, but you aren’t in the Schmoogle or Microsort stakes for brand recognition. 

So now your stand is a lot like a website.

You’re in a big marketing universe where you know there are thousands of potentially profitable and worthwhile clients.

And you want them to know about you and visit your site.  

There is one big difference between this physical, show universe compared with the digital.

The people out there in the show ether are already highly targeted.

Unlike digital, the sifting to narrow down the audience has already been done for you. 

In this context, your website and your landing page are your exhibition stand. 

Your graphics, digital or printed are like the email messages and other forms of content you publish in a bid to be noticed and to bring people to your site. 

But those elements are not SEO. 

The SEO element of exhibiting is pre-show marketing. 

No marketing person worth their salt would starve their online website of content. 

They would ensure that each page of their site was designed to attract searches for their product or service. 

So, it’s hard to understand why many of those same marketers starve their show investment, their physical site when they exhibit. Especially when you know that many of those stands actually cost more than the creation of a decent website. 

Pre-show marketing of your business to the people within companies you want to be doing business with is the equivalent of SEO website work. 

You have draw people to your site within the show and like your website, not just any old people. 

Bounce rates apply to stand visitors as well as landing pages. 

As someone who has planned visitor campaigns for significantly sized trade and consumer exhibitions, I feel confident that I (and my colleagues), can help you boost attendance to your stand.

For more on how; visit this page on the exhibitors only website https://exhibitorsonly.biz/sales-focused-event-marketing/

David O’Beirne

Do you spend too much time organising your exhibition stand?

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