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Let’s do the time block again…

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Posted by , 2nd July 2020

Let's do the Time Block: Time blocking, the practice of organising chunks of time within your calendar ensures fast progress with critical projects.

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The biggest hurdle to overcome with prospective clients for my training course “You Only Have To Ask” is…

The belief that delegates will never have the time to implement what they learn. 

And yet, I prove how it’s possible to obtain valid qualitative research doing the work yourself despite a busy job.* 

A vital element of the method is focus and the ability to block time. 

If you can’t do this, the training will be of no use to you whatsoever.

However, singing and dancing to The Time Warp, will cheer you up.

The time block way of working

Without this “blocking” ability, you’ll also have a problem with completing other high-level tasks. 

Time blocking, the practice of organising chunks of time within your calendar is a proven way to make fast progress with critical projects. 

The tasks and things essential to your job and career or your business. 

Stephen Covey identifies focus in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” They are “Not urgent but important.”

Too often, “the urgent but not important tasks of daily life impede our ability to focus on what will drive the most significant change. 

The ability to block time is therefore critical to your success in business, sport, or developing extraordinary results in any field. 

By way of background, the course teaches how to organise and conduct qualitative research with clients, sales prospects and market influencers.

The training helps solve the problem many in marketing face when it comes to knowing what is going through the minds of clients, prospects or influencers. 

Right now, that knowledge could not be more critical.

If you would like details on what the course covers; email david@exhibitorsonly.biz and I will send you an outline.

I’ll finish with two more Stephen Covey quotes that resonate with me; 

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline carrying it out.”

“Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.” 

So, let’s do the Time Block again…

Very best, 

David O’Beirne

*This is work I get paid to do fitting projects into a schedule that involves juggling the assignments of numerous clients in consumer and B2B markets.

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