Leads vs Sales: Which would you rather have?

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Posted by , 27th August 2020

Leads vs Sales: Which would you rather have? This post from Exhibitors Only explains the true impact sales from trade shows can have on a business

Lickalix in exhibiting sales action at IFE last year

When asked from time to time “what do you do” as in what do I work at, I say I’m in the sales improvement business. 

That answer puzzles some people who tell me that I really work in the exhibitions and events business.

Nah. My colleagues and I help companies build sales. That’s “what we do.”

Trade shows, conferences and live events of all descriptions happen to be an excellent starting point for that work. 

Illustrating the point is our latest FREE publication; A Dozen Trade Show Stories About Building Sales. 

Actually, not one trade show is mentioned by name in this guide. 

The “stories” chosen, illustrate the different strands that in combination, can massively build sales. 

It’s important to note that the “massive” growth comes after the show and not just in the immediate follow-up period as a percentage of the leads collected at a show turn into sales. 

No, the real growth comes from the compounding value of additional sales from the kind of clients that deliver tremendous lifetime value to a business. 

If you think this takes more years than a fairy tale, you’d be wrong. 

Here is an example that illustrates the whole thing beautifully

Many, many years ago, as a young and rookie trade show salesperson, I fought hard to convince a very reluctant business owner to exhibit in my show. 

I provided Jim with lots of stats that showed (as I honestly believed) the excellent sales potential the show offered his enterprise. 

I provided testimonials from other companies in his field that spoke in glowing terms about their successes. 

Finally, and still, reluctantly, Jim booked a nine sqm shell scheme stand. 

The show went very well for Jim and his business. The following year he booked an 18 sqm stand. 

Jim doubled the size of his stand every year for the next four years. 

  • Year 1 – 9sqm 
  • Yr. 2 – 18sqm 
  • 3 – 36sqm 
  • 4 – 72 sqm 
  • Year 5 – 144 sqm 

In year five, Jim’s stand was not just 144sqm; it was a double-deck unit right at the front of the show. 

When I asked Jim how and why he had gone from a reluctant 9sqm exhibitor to his big-stand status he replied; 

“David, we have increased our stand size based on the growth we achieved from each show, and this is the only event we do.” 

Did Jim recommend me for a knighthood? 

No, but his success story and, many others like it, made me a hugely enthusiastic advocate for this form of marketing. 

Which brings me back to our latest FREE guide; these are sales stories that relate directly to trade shows. Leads vs. Sales is story number eight.

The stories chosen provide an insight into our consultancy thinking about building sales via live events.

As you’ll see, there’s a lot more to it than just being on a stand during a show  (vital though that part of the exercise is). 

A minute and a half are needed to organise the download, and you can access it here.

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