Trade Show Success: It’s All Down To The Visitors!

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Posted by , 4th May 2017

Trade show success: it's all down to the visitors

It’s all down to the visitors! This is what I yelled in my sleep much to the surprise of my wife who asked me what the heck I had been dreaming about as I awoke one morning some 25+ years ago….

Yes, I was obviously thinking way too much about my work (trade show organiser) but in that phrase I summed-up the essence of what trade shows are all about whether you are an organiser or an exhibitor. It’s all about the visitors.

Organisers: Visitors Are The Product

If you organise shows, visitors are your product. It’s not the stands, it’s not the venue that an exhibitor is buying, it is the audience plain and simple.

The more you know about your audience and how they think and what they need and where they are and a myriad of other details, the better you are able to serve your exhibitors and the companies that should be your exhibitors in the future because you are able to provide them with real information about real people who could become their clients.

Exhibitors: Visitors = People From Businesses That You Want As Clients

Sometimes an exhibitor can get caught-up with surface information regarding the shows they participate in. The total number of visitors in attendance, the numbers of people who came on their stands, the leads generated. This is all good information and is valuable but more importantly, what about the names of the companies that you want to do business with who attended the show? How many people from those businesses did you meet and engage with? Do you even know if those businesses attended and if they did what level of person or people were present?

If you don’t know, ask the organiser of your show. They have the full attendance listed by company in A-Z order. They won’t give you individual names but they can certainly tell you job titles, numbers of people attending and from which locations.

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Show Visitors Have The Power To Grow Your Business

That’s the bottom line if yours is a small or medium sized business. Trade shows through the audiences they attract have the power to grow your business exponentially. I’ve seen it happen many times with exhibitor clients. So, to be a savvy exhibition marketeer, look past the numbers and stats and seek the information about attending businesses and job titles because your exhibiting success and the success of the company organising your show is ultimately, all down to the visitors.

Sleep well!

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