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How to make a New Year successful, whenever it starts

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Posted by , 4th January 2020

Making your New Year successful for sales achievement, whenever that New Year starts, is the subject of this post from Exhibitors Only.

“When does your new financial year start?”

It’s not the sort of question I recommend you use to start a conversation in a bar, although, you could use it to end one.

As a sales-focused individual, it’s a question I think about because it’s closely related to results. 

For many, the sales regenerating fun commences every April 1st. 

If that’s you, then congrats; you’re about three-quarters of the way through another year!

I hope your year is proving to be successful!

For others, it all begins with the return to work on 2nd January. 

That was my New Year for nine straight years 

Oh, how well I remember coming into the office each January after a long and restful Christmas break. 

Decorations still festooned the workspace, but the expectation of festive fun was distinctly absent, especially among my young bleary-eyed, hard-partying team. 

That’s because we all knew what lay ahead. 

There were substantial revenue targets to achieve, and we had little confirmed space in the bank. 

Now, lest you think that was due to our sales shoddiness, let me explain the nature of our business (exhibition and conference venue). 

You see, our client base changed every year and hugely too. 

That’s because most big conferences move their location year on year. 

So every January we had to start spinning the sales wheel and quickly because it’s incredible how fast first-quarter reporting comes around.  

Whenever your sales year starts, there is excitement and challenge both from a personal and business point of view. 

Personally, your earnings and increasingly, your job, depend on the results you and your team generate for your employer.  

Hopefully, you start with a lot more forward bookings then we did. 

Those bookings are the firm base, even if it’s only a small one, on which to build new sales. 

Trade shows are probably a part of your sales plan, and that makes perfect sense. 

They have a proven track record when it comes to supplying quality leads for your sales pipeline. 

My business specialises in helping exhibitors make the most of all the sales opportunities events offer. 

It’s what I call sales-focused exhibiting, and it makes your event marketing a paying proposition. 

What the work entails can vary from client to client

It might include honing the physical aspects of a stand to make it work better or be seen more effectively. 

Or, it might mean implementing marketing tactics to improve or build quality stand traffic. 

We always start with the client’s objectives and work back from there

This process tells us what needs doing or what needs attention. 

To discuss how we can help you make your event participation as profitable as possible, email me: david@exhibitorsonly.biz and we can talk about the objectives for your next event.  

Happy New Year!

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