How to achieve a giant leap in stand visitors

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Posted by , 12th May 2022

A recent study by the US-based Exhibit Surveys, Inc. determined that trade show exhibitors who gave out promotional items enjoyed a whopping 176% increase in traffic versus those who did not.

That’s definitely something to ponder.

You might argue that giving away free stuff attracts the wrong people.

No one wants freebie seekers who have little or no value to your business, and I agree with that thinking. However, that 176% is too big a number to ignore.


  • Most trade shows are attracting serious buyers with pent-up demand.
  • That’s because attendees are delighted to meet with current and potential suppliers again.
  • Not using every trick in the book to engage with a target audience would seem to be a missed opportunity.

How you advertise your promotional items and control their distribution will also play a part in your exhibiting success.

I’ve worked at food shows where easy to access sample displays made it simple for freebie seekers to make off with tons of display stuff (usually on the last day of the event).

The veritable plague of locusts had descended and cleaned up.

Those exhibitors complained to the organiser, but if they didn’t control distribution, they had to accept much of the blame for the product loss.

A better strategy is to use promotional items to get something in return.

First and foremost, that should be the contact details of everyone who comes onto your stand.

And if promotional products enable you to increase visitor numbers, you’ll have a bigger pool of data and leads to work with post-show.

Would you like to increase stand visits by 176% when you next exhibit? This post highlights how to engineer that kind of result

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David O’Beirne

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