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How goes it with your media empire?

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Posted by , 25th June 2020

How is your media empire? Every business with a website is a media owner. Any business posting articles on the web is a publisher.

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Every business with a website is a media owner. 

Any business that posts articles to its website is a publisher. 

But do you think of yourself, your marketing or business like that?

Here are four good reasons why you should. 

1. What you publish says a lot about your business and the way you do things. 

The words, the content, images, all help position your business in the minds of readers. 

2. In-depth posts and articles providing highly useful information and advice to your market will attract higher readership and more stickiness within your website. 

Landing pages that answer the questions that matter most in the minds of buyers will produce more leads and convert more sales. 

Email marketing, linked to any of the above, will be more effective. 

Video content that’s creatively delivered is more likely to be shared. 

I could go on, but you get the point. 

3. The other reason for seeing publishing ownership as important to your business is that you own the distribution channel. 

I’m referring to your website and your client/prospect list. 

The risk of being de-platformed by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms well known to you, is real. 

The risk, in the B2B scene, is I’ll admit slight, but it is a risk nonetheless. 

Keep in mind that if you ever fall foul of one of your favourite platform’s ever-changing rules, your business could be kicked-off into the digital long-grass very sharply.  

4. Media empires are getting smaller but more valuable 

I read a post from Seth Godin yesterday that struck a chord. This part in particular;

“The internet isn’t a mass medium. The voices online are not for everyone, it’s not the Super Bowl or M*A*S*H or even the nightly news. Nobody reaches much more than 1% of the audience on any given day.


That tiny slice that does want to hear from you, that needs to hear from you, that would miss you if you don’t speak up–for that audience, you’re not noise. You’re essential.”

The content that you publish through your media channels should be for that tiny slice.

The people who will be the most interested and most responsive to what you say and offer. 

And this brings me to the sales pitch

I can help you produce what your audience wants and needs in language they will respond to. 

Responding means enquiring about your products and services, by ordering and becoming long-term clients for your business.

Together we can develop your media empire; not just the media you use but the depth and engagement of the audience you reach.   

To discuss a copywriting or content project, email david@exhibitorsonly.biz or, complete the form below.

Best regards, 

David O’Beirne

PS. My work with exhibiting clients is focused heavily on combining event participation with digital and direct marketingCopywriting and content development are essential elements within this mix.   

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