How digital screens can transform visitor engagement at trade shows

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Posted by , 10th April 2019

Digital screens can transform engagement when you exhibit. This post from Exhibitors Only highlights how to use digital screens to attract show attendees

For regular show going attendees, exhibitions can become a bit samey after a while.

Visitors may attend thinking they know what to expect.

However, for exhibitors, there are still plenty of ways to be different.

To stand out.

Different experiences can be created in order to stand out. Think canapes and drinks or expert-led guides and talks.

With exhibitions opening up to all sorts of ideas, digital signage is now another option you can use to get buyer attention.

In this post, we look at the ways that digital screens can transform your next exhibition, and by that I mean, transforming consumer engagement.

The growth of digital signage and screen use

We’ve said that digital, screens and signage can improve engagement levels, but how exactly?

Well, put simply, digital in this area is a specialised promotion tool. 

Using this medium, you can transmit video content to a niche audience.

With digital screens, video or multimedia content can be displayed in a public place for varied, interchangeable purposes.  

Most common uses include Wayfinding, information notices, and advertising and promotion. 

It’s likely that you come across digital signage of some sort on a daily basis.

It may well be part of the backdrop where you shop, eat or do business. 

Free standing screens now abound in shopping malls, fast food restaurants, gym windows, airports…  

Many of these screens are interactive.

You touch a screen and new information appears.

If you are in MacDonalds, so does your food, you hope…

I’m stating the obvious when I say that digital signage is becoming increasingly popular.

So, as an exhibitor working in a heavily technology-centered age, it’s worth thinking you could incorporate elements of digital into your stand displays. 

The population at large is growing ever more used to seeing and interacting with screens.

They have video and content at their fingertips via the web.

Smartphones are becoming ever more powerful and capable.

Gaming is huge and offers sophisticated interaction with others on a worldwide basis.

So, keeping up with this shift is another reason why you should think about incorporating digital screens into your stand or event.  

Digital will make whatever you’re promoting more eye-catching.

It can also be the beacon that draws people to your stand.

Using touchscreens will help create engagement and opportunities for your sales team to get into conversations with stand visitors. 

How digital screens transform engagement when you exhibit: Exhibitors OnlyTASC Software used interactive touch screens as part of their sales kit at bett 2019 (image The Exhibition Agency Ltd) 

As technology advances, the possibilities of digital signage are rapidly expanding.

Interactive tables are already in the market as are paper-thin screens that can be stuck to stand walls.

There will be increasing interactivity with smartphones and apps.

It’s a very exciting time.

How digital differs from printed graphics

As already outlined, digital screens present an excellent method for improving engagement trade shows.

Having said that, many exhibitors are still turning using traditional display methods like printed posters and leaflets.

These things don’t grab visitor attention in the way that screens do. 

If you exhibit with digital as part of your display, your business will you stand out.

Your stand will also look “modern” for want of a better word.

Best of all, you’ll be able to change what you display, and when it’s displayed. 

This is what I meant by various and interchangeable messaging earlier on.

You can go to a show with a set presentation and then override it during the show to announce a competition winner, to promote a seminar or to display your Twitter feed…

There are tons of ways to make your display more dynamic and in-tune with what’s happening on the show floor.

And all can be done by touching some keys on your laptop or iPad. That’s pretty cool!

Tips for using digital screens

Digital can transform visitor engagement but I would like to offer some tips for doing this effectively.

Stick with your branding 

Attendees need to recognise your company.

This means that the corporate identity on your screens must be the same as the one seen in the wider world. 

Ensure that you use the version of your corporate current logo. Stick to the colours contained in your company’s brand guideline document. 

Thou shalt not overload thy screens 

It’s tempting to fit as lots of information onto your signage and displays.

But, as with printed graphics, less is definitely more when it comes to effectiveness and impact. 

If you cram your display with too much text, it will be too hard to read, especially if they’re in a crowded exhibition!

Remember, that visitors have seconds to grasp what your signage is saying or offering.

Big, clear lettering coupled with strong high-resolution images are the way to go.

Don’t touch my screen! Just kidding…

Interactive screens offer a great way to get people interested and to stop at your stand.

A display which allows the reader to click and scroll provides a great way to present information, to take a survey or to enter a competition. 

While interacting with screens, your stand team can strike up a conversation, take notes and arrange follow-up activity. 

Your sales team can also interactive screens as part of their product demonstrations.

Be dynamic 

Movement attracts the eye and that’s the first step to attracting visitors. 

Place your screens will they serve their purpose best.

Put big screens at high-level for big impact.

Smaller screens work well at eye-level.

If using touch screens, ensure that they are at a level where visitors can reach them. Not too high up and not too low either.

So, with what we’ve covered, it’s clear to see that digital screens have a big part to play in events.

They can help you attract visitors. They can make a visit to your stand fun. And they allow your sales team to begin those all important sales conversations.  

My final piece of advice is to work with a specialist screen business.

One that can not only supply and install screens but can help you create great content to go on them.

There are many excellent suppliers to choose from including, of course, my own business inVoke Digital.

Whoever you choose to work with, explain your show objectives and allow time to get your content right.

About the Author

Chris Fox is the general manager of inVoke Digital Signage, a Norfolk-based provider of digital signage solutions to businesses, charities, conferences and exhibitors across the UK. Chris and his team are based in Norwich, but do most of their business in London and the wider UK. At Invoke, Chris works alongside an experienced and fully qualified in-house team of designers and creative specialists to create custom animations and interactive digital displays.

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