Great Tech Ideas For Exhibitors That Will Help You Attract, Entice & Measure More Effectively  

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Posted by , 27th June 2017

Tech for trade shows is covered by Exhibitors Only

Tech ideas for exhibitors abound, and here at Exhibitors Only we are always on the lookout for those that will help improve performance either by helping to create in-hall impact so that you can attract more visitors or by aiding the process of measurement of your results. Here are 5 new to market products for you to consider.

Augmented reality projection mapping to stop and attract show visitors

For some exhibitors, ideas for driving visitors to their stand at a trade show can be taxing, but not for LUMITRIX, a company I came across when I visited their stand at RDE (Retail Design Expo) in London last month  see this video.

Their modest sized stand (looked 3m x 3m) was full of products because of their use of augmented reality projection mapping and it caught my eye as soon as I saw it.

This type of display would work brilliantly for exhibitors as demonstrated by LUMITRIX themselves, albeit they were aiming to impress buyers from the retail sector where I’m sure this will work really well too.

I asked Jiri Novacek, Business Development Manager of LUMITRIX to talk me through how the product works.

“Our business is all about projection and especially projection related to the outdoors but we have adapted/created products for indoor use too as you can see today on our stand.

Our mission is to make projection mapping easy and accessible for everybody, and you don’t need any special mapping skills to create a fancy and eye catching illumination.

We have designed things so that you just plug into a power supply, connect to the internet and run our cloud-based software via your mobile device. That will give you the access to a broad library of a magnificent content. And if you want to use your own content that’s not a problem; create your own, upload and shine it on your wall or object!

Once your display is set-up, it’s time to make it interactive for your viewers.

You can let people choose what’s being projected by using simple gestures or let them interact with the projection via their smartphones (e.g. painting, changing colours of the objects, playing simple games – the system can play any HTML5 app).

Once you have your content ready, you then have a short set-up on your stand. This involves fitting our LUMIBOX projection system on the ceiling or just placing it on a table.

Then you would need to go to the LUMIVERSE (our cloud based software) website on your mobile device and start designing. It takes just a short while and once done, you have a fully interactive display with movement – two elements that are very attractive to show visitors.”

To recap for readers; to recreate something similar on your own stand would require:

  • 1 x LUMIBOX projection system for each wall (cost €3,890) which will connect with a standard in-hall power supply
  • A mobile phone, tablet or a laptop to connect with the LUMIVERSE website
  • Some creative time to get your display together – Jiri says this is usually 1-2 hours (not including creation of the custom-content which needs to be done in advance)
  • Not a lot of space

I really liked this product. It’s really clever and I can see a lot of practical possibilities for exhibitors.

Motion-sensor tracking technology helps you see the parts of your stand that work best

Trade show design agency 4D has been deploying a bespoke solution of motion sensor technology in order to determine engagement and interaction on an exhibition stand.

Small, unobtrusive sensors are built into the stand design. Once setup, these sensors are able to detect visitor interaction through proximity-based technology that connects with the Wi-F signal on a visitor’s phone. This type of technology is ideal for an event and exhibition environment as the visitor’s Wi-Fi only has to be turned on for the technology to activate, with no app downloads or router connections required (like most tracking solutions).

The sensor technology analyses the traffic flow around an exhibition stand or event as well as measuring visitor engagement and dwell time as each connection can be analysed as a single property. This allows the technology to measure individual visitors and monitor their journey regardless of how often they attend the stand.

Measuring the performance of different parts of your stand

In the past it would be commonplace for event campaigns to lack data and true proof of ROI. This type of technology allows brands to compare and test external branding, calls to action, promotion, different types of technology and points of engagement. Effectively breaking the stand down into individual units so that the exhibitor can see what works and what doesn’t.

Floating holograms from the retail sector, can work really well in trade shows

Floating holograms (as shown above) to catch the eye

Want to attract visitors using cool holograms of your products floating and twisting in mid-air? Check-out the products at kino-mo which are currently being used in retail environments but could easily be adapted for trade show stands.

High-resolution 3D images float in mid-air and all that is required on-site to make things happen is one mains plug connection. The product range has been designed as a mass-market solution rather than as a bespoke software creation which makes it a much more affordable option for smaller businesses.

Interactive, green screen technology works brilliantly as a crowd attractor at trade shows
Cool stuff with photos and videos that make for great visitor engagement

Exhibitors are always looking for ways to attract visitors to their stands and the interactive photography and video products supplied by noonah can certainly help to achieve with the added bonus of social sharing by your attendees.

Interactive green screens as demonstrated by the surfer above, allow guests to select their image background; they are then inserted automatically in the correct location whether that involves hanging upside down from a trapeze or exploding out of a building….You can offer your stand visitors the opportunity to be inserted into a scene from a movie, your marketing materials, or a themed digital background.

But there are lots of other cool products that lend themselves to show stands including their virtual selfie product; the Morph Booth – visitors can transition from themselves to their favourite film or sports hero’s and back again. The Mirror Booth – a photo booth hidden behind a “magic” mirror (which is also a fun product in its own right) and a range of bespoke photo booths.

Curved, high resolution LED screens make for more impactful stands at trade shows

A 3-in-1 LED screen: flat, edge or curve makes your stand more digitally interesting

Unlike traditional LED screen displays where you can either curve, or have an edge, or have a flat display, this creative and very high resolution (2.6mm)  LED screen from Smart AV allows you to do all three at once.

You could have an edged floor-to-ceiling LED wall that contains the corner of your stand; then it runs into a flat display along your back wall which is followed by a curve which as it curves around, creates an immersive theatre-style finish. And the digital screen can curve in both concave or convex formats, so there are lots of design possibilities.

If you are bored with using static video walls, this solution presents something different with 4K TV style visibility and it’s quick and easy to build. For more on this product visit Smart AV.

PS. My thanks to Jiri Novacek and Beth Gladstone, who both contributed to today’s post.

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