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Keep moving towards your best business picture

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Posted by , 4th May 2020

Keep moving towards the best picture of your business. Email is not dead. In fact, the humble email can be the starting point to attain your business goals

The humble email can be the starting point to attain your business ambitions.

Email can make introductions to potential new clients and deepen the relationship with individuals who already buy from you. 

Email is an essential element of building attendance to trade show stands, webinars and other forms of event, whether they be digital or in-person.

A big part of my client work involves writing; whitepapers, reports, competition entries, marketing plans, landing pages, and emails.

When working on sales development for prospective clients, all of the items mentioned have an ultimate aim; to win that all-important first sale.

Without a first sale, no long-term relationship can develop.

There will be no lifetime value and perhaps, no achievement of the goals you have set for your enterprise or yourself.

COVID-19 and home working have made email and other versions of the written word even more attractive as a method of communication.

  • Open and readership rates for emails are scoring much higher than usual – people working from home have time to read their mail
  • Linking emails to landing pages with lots of product information can generate enquiries even now
  • You can use email to create attendance to webinars, video demos and virtual events

But here’s something else to think about email, especially if you believe email is redundant in the age of social media:

Why Mark Cuban loves email

Mark Cuban, Shark Tank star, investor and owner of a wide range of companies hates meetings and phone calls but loves email. He explained why in an interview with Inc Magazine:

“I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve done for the past 20 years,” Cuban said. “I don’t do meetings or phone calls. I’ll do a meeting if you’re going to write me a cheque. I’ll do a meeting if there’s a really good reason to help close a deal … other than that, it’s email.”

“I try to drive everything to email for a couple of reasons,” Cuban says. “One, I can do it any time of the night. Two, it gives me a tickler file of all the things I’m doing, what’s undone, or unread. I try to keep those to under 30. And three, if someone emailed me 10, 15, 20 years ago, I still have it … I can go back and look it up and figure out what we talked about. That makes me even more productive. In a  work-at-home environment, with everyone using email and the cloud … I try to encourage people to do it the same way.”

As I mentioned at the beginning, email can be the starting point for creating sales and a vital tool in helping you achieve your commercial ambitions.

If you feel that your sales communications might benefit from a fresh approach, let’s talk as I will be able to work with one or two new clients only from the middle of May onwards.

Now is not the time to give up on your goals.

Now is the time to dig-in and keep moving forward, albeit with some switching left and right to dodge obstacles that come your way.

My email address is david@theexhibitionagency.com

If you drop me a line, we can arrange a time to talk about your business, and the companies you want to reach most. 

Then, I’ll send you some suggestions for action. 

Stay safe and well.

David O’Beirne

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