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List Building & Cleaning

Our List Building and Cleaning services fill the holes in your sales data saving your sales team masses of valuable time. Salespeople are free to spend more of their time selling to qualified prospects. Response rates to email marketing improve, and you increase the volume of incoming qualified leads.  Bottom line: Your sales team spend more time converting and less time detecting; sales and profitability increase.

List building is one of the most time-consuming but vital tasks of any sales operation.

It can also be one of the most frustrating. 

Accurate data doesn’t stay that way for long. 

People move jobs or get promoted. Your list is changing all the time. 

Staying on top of this merry-go-round is time-consuming but vital work. 

It can also be work that doesn’t get done unless your company has a data maintenance team.

List Building and Cleaning enables faster sales growth 

Many managers know work needs to be done on their prospect list, but the scale of the job and the imagined expense can be off-putting. So the work doesn’t get done. 

Our List Building and Cleaning services offer a straightforward, faster and more cost-effective solution and one directly linked to building sales.

Instead of filling gaps in the whole database, you focus on creating data for specific companies. 

It’s your Target Account List, and it’s the fastest way to provide salespeople with accurate contact information. 

Sparse data hurts and slows sales growth

According to an article by leading analytics business SAS, up to 40 per cent of all strategic processes fail because of poor data.

If you don’t know who the right contacts are within companies you want to do business with; your salespeople are hampered and slowed.

Lots of what should be sales time is going to be spent on list building detective work. 

Similarly, if your marketing team can’t email individuals within key companies because of invalid email addresses, they can’t disseminate sales-building content to your target audience.       

It’s how poor or missing data hurts sales and slows growth.  

A marketing investment producing higher quality leads and sales 

A robust and accurate sales database is the foundation from which excellent results are built. 

Response rates to email marketing improve, and you increase the volume of incoming qualified leads. 

Yet, this essential component is often neglected or underinvested losing out to demands from other parts of a business. 

But, it’s the prospect list that will drive the sales that produce the revenue for the rest of the organisation. 

So, if tempted to put this vital work on the back burner, don’t.

Delay is hurting your sales. 

List Building and Cleaning does what it says. 

It builds a Target Account List for your sales or marketing teams. 

You can also use this service to update your client list, press and media lists, or attendee lists for exhibitions and conferences. 

Budget-friendly: You specify the number of names researched

We offer a budget-friendly approach to data management and list development. 

You specify the number of names we source.

You don’t have to build or clean a whole database in one go, although, we can do that if required. 

Your list can be built, updated or added to in stages. 

How the List Building service works

To fill holes in an existing list

  • Send us the data you wish to have cleaned in a CSV file
  • Tell us which fields you want to be completed or checked
  • We will provide you with a quotation based on the numbers of records to be updated
  • We will build the list and test all email addresses to make sure they work
  • Typically, we’ll be able to research and deliver to you, key contacts at over 90% of the accounts you wish to target
  • We will also guarantee an email deliverability rate of at least 95%
  • We deliver your new or updated data in Excel or CSV files, and we can format files precisely in line with your requirements

Cost-effective list building and development 

The cost for this service is £189 plus VAT per hundred names.

That’s just £1.89 per qualified name with contact details added to your prospect list.

If you want a Target Account List of five hundred people or more, the build cost per name will drop to £1.77 plus VAT.

That’s five hundred new prospects for £885 plus VAT.

Tell us how many contacts you would like sourced or updated using the form at the bottom of this page. 

If you require a bespoke data building or cleaning service

We also offer a bespoke data building service tailored to precise requirements (i.e. it’s data researched to order).

The work undertaken includes providing fully validated records all with a deliverable direct email address.

We will provide a quote based on the brief supplied, and our rates and turnaround times are very competitive.

To book List Building or Data Cleaning and receive details of turnaround and completion times, please complete the form below

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