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Graphics for impact and greater visibility

Make the strongest possible visual statement for your brand

  • Show visitors clearly what it is you offer
  • Make your show sales time more productive
  • Be as bold as you want to be

Impact graphics can help your company stand out to the people it would most like to be doing business with

An example of impact graphics: Branding on a giant scale at ExCeL Londo

Achieve better quality on-stand sales conversations with less sales time wasted

In a crowded exhibition hall, visitors take seconds to decide which stands to visit.

That’s why stand graphics are so important to exhibiting success.

They have to attract the visitors you want to meet and do business with. They have to make an impact.

We understand this and will help you produce graphic displays that are up to this vital job.

The clearer your messaging, the more conversations you and your stand team are going to have.

Strong clear graphics remove the need for chit-chat about what your business does.

Deeper sales conversations start much faster when your salespeople don’t need to explain what it is you do.

Impact Graphics: Designed to get your business seen and noticed

We use impact structures to display graphics on a big scale.

A scale designed to help your business be noticed in a busy exhibition hall.

Usually, this means building your stand or part of it, taller than most of the other stands around yours.

One example of this kind of structure is the Tall Wall Display.

Impact graphics can help your company stand out to the people it would most like to be doing business with

Tall Wall Displays are in simple terms, high walls covered with striking graphics

Large-scale digital screens can also be built into Tall Wall structures. Or, we can build the wall as a giant lightbox instead.

Small spaces are no obstacle either. We just use a different walling solution.

Where floor space permits, storage sections can also be built into the structure for added usefulness.

Tall Walls can be used as exhibition stand backdrops or as impact features within an event space.If

We can provide a designer for your graphics

Design is the skill that lies at the heart of effective graphics.

It’s the first step towards capturing visitor attention when you exhibit.

If you don’t have access to a designer skilled in this field, we can arrange this service for you.

Our design partners can create eye-catching displays for both print and digital displays.

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