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Copywriting for leads & sales

In a world of many options, ensure buyers choose you.

Copywriting is salesmanship in the written form.

It’s about crafting messages that get read and acted upon by the people most suitable and most likely to buy your products or services. 

The copywriting experience we offer is the product of many years spent in direct marketing. 

Direct marketing is about achieving response and sales. Hence it’s termed direct. 

So when we approach a copywriting assignment, our focus is on what does this item or campaign need to achieve? 

What are the results we are seeking to attain?

Who are the people most suitable for what you offer?

Tell us who they are and we will construct sales building campaigns that over time will yield the sales growth you crave.

We don’t promise instant gigantic gains.

Those results take a little longer to engineer but we are like bloodhounds when it comes to chasing sales down.

Your open and response rates should improve quickly, the organisation of your marketing activity will also be more structured, but we only want to work with companies that look to the medium and long-term.

If that’s how you work, we could be a great partner for your business.

Using all the tools of the trade 

One thing’s for sure; with direct and digital marketing, there are many ways to build rapport and interest in the products and services you offer.

Articles; Blog posts; Conference papers; Email marketing; Keynote addresses; Landing pages; Lead Magnets; LinkedIn posts; Market reports; Presentations; Sales brochures; Sales letters; Speeches; Video scripts; Web page copy; Whitepapers 

Combining digital and direct marketing with exhibitions and events

Trade show marketing provides a perfect ally for content delivery and a more rounded view of your business.

Trade shows are possibly the most direct form of direct marketing. 

You know exactly who you are talking to and you gain an instant reaction to the way you pitch your products and services.

Our business can help you achieve a joined-up approach where event, direct marketing and content production work in combination to build enquiries and sales.

We can work with you away from events too on digital or direct marketing assignments.

Either way, we will help you sharpen the sales tools of your business.

Don’t take my word for it… 

“David has been our go-to copywriter for the past three years assisting with awards entries, tenders and a guide to Exhibition Logistics. David zooms-in on the critical elements required. He gets us thinking, and he gets results.”

Louise Lawson, Commercial Manager, International Lifting and Shipping

“David O’Beirne not only writes copy that produces excellent results; he quickly identifies the essential elements in a sales or marketing proposition. That’s a compelling USP because those insights are an invaluable asset to our business.”

Paul Dunne, Director, Mayton Media

“David is the lead copywriter for my online consumer business. Every direct response email he’s written has produced immediate orders. And we now email frequently. David is always upbeat and a positive force.”

Tracy Dean, Managing Director, luvponies.com

“David has been writing for ESSA for approximately 2 years and always provides original content that is insightful, topical, on brief and always to deadline.  It’s been a pleasure partnering with you and your company.”

Andrew Harrison, Director of ESSA, Event Supplier and Services Association

We’ve been working with David for about 2 years now, as a content and copywriting expert found him to be an excellent addition to our team. He researches topics well and his knowledge of the exhibition and events industry is 2nd to none.  Since bringing him on board we have seen a dramatic increase in our enquiries and a lot of this is down to his ability to write relevant content that engages readers. Apart from this, he is very friendly and a pleasure to work with.’

Anthony Booty, Director, Guardian Exhibition & Display

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