Because Exhibiting Is Different To Your Other Marketing Activities….

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Posted by , 8th August 2017

Show business: Attractions that promote your business when you exhibit and bring visitors to your stand. Exhibitors Only presents some ideas to consider

Exhibiting is different to all of the other marketing activities that most companies and the people that work within them undertake, which is why we publish Exhibitors Only, to help you make the very most of the opportunities that exhibiting offers.

Live marketing, which is what exhibiting is all about, involves a diverse range of requirements and the articles below reflect that range and the interest shown in them by Exhibitors Only readers.

Video, The Technique That’s Set To Transform Your Effectiveness As An Exhibitor

This article is definitely not about booking someone to film your stand during a show.

This is all about using the medium of film, to tell your corporate story, the same story that your event presence and all the other forms of marketing that your undertake, should be true to and reflect. Getting your story straight, is critical to success in communication and Charles Mills, who wrote this piece, is an expert in helping businesses to do just that.

Trade Show Tech: My View Of Reality Is Cooler Than Yours

Any article on tech generates a lot of interest, not just with our subscribers, but on Twitter and Facebook too. This article was no exception, particularly the part about high-resolution digital stand walls. It was also nice to see some of the robots mentioned in this article, in action at CONFEX later in the year.

A Very Different Trade Show Where Creative Thinking And Business Mix Brilliantly

This very short post generated attention because it was about a new approach to the organising of trade shows and to exhibiting. During the year, we have highlighted other events, usually taking place in the US, that are also part of this trend. Welcome to a  fun and productive approach to events which will be mirrored in the UK very soon. And, you might also want to read this article on the same subject.

An Interview With An Exhibiting Whizz

I was very keen to have Jeannette La write for us because, she is a highly experienced trade show marketeer with a lot of knowledge and know-how to share. This article, came together after a wide-ranging interview that covered subjects from success measures for trade shows to the importance of content and tech products. Plus, Jeannette describes how she grew sales at one event by 160% in just one year! That’s got to be a good thing to know.

Interactive Exhibiting To Create Impact And Attract More Visitors

Beth Gladstone is a specialist in creating integrated digital marketing strategies and her article in this issue which appeared in March, was all about using high-resolution digital screens at trade shows to create impact and interaction with visitors. It attracted a lot of attention because it showed that digital screens can be much more than just passive, background displays on a stand. They can be attractive and hard working visitor attracting exhibits, in their own right.

Who Needs Walls?

I was surprised at the coverage that this very short piece attracted. The lead image provides the story. It shows a simple but highly effective way to gain a lot more display space with high visibility branding as part of the deal. Great for modest sized, space only bookings.

The Connective Experience For Experiential Marketing

When Tony Hartland, Managing Director of Elonex Experiential first entered the events industry as a wide-eyed innocent in the mid 1990s, it was all about sectors, departments and specialisms. Experiential marketing had yet to be born. Here, he makes the case for an end to practices that ultimately hurt the client and detract from great live event results.

Webinars – Tools Of Trade Show Visitor Attraction

Webinars offer both an excellent way to deliver content and to position the delivering business as a thought-leader in their field. But what about using webinars as a tool for attracting more visitors to your stand and as part of the follow-up process, post event? This article provides full details on how to do both things well.

Ensuring The Value Of Design In Trade Shows

Design is the core foundation of success for many of the world’s leading brands. Companies like Apple, Porsche, Nike, Dyson and many other others invest hugely in design and are valued and rewarded for this investment. But, the products produced by these companies aren’t just about looking good, they also perform extremely well and it’s this combination that makes them so attractive and commercially successful.

That principle works in just the same way when it comes to designing exhibition stands that work effectively for exhibitors, as described in this article by Pete Allen, the founder of 4D, a specialist exhibition design agency.

Trade Shows: The Intelligence Industry

One of the most underrated uses of trade show participation is intelligence gathering. Maybe it gets overlooked because there is usually a big focus on lead collection but why not make the most of both when you exhibit? Remember, a show is place where the “intelligence” walks right-up to you and starts talking. Brilliant.

The Fast Guide To Successful Conference & Seminar Presentations 

The seminars and conferences that run alongside trade shows present excellent bonus promotional opportunities for exhibitors but for you to get the best from them, you need to; a) get on the programme and b) do a good presenting job in the eyes of the audience. This article shows you how to do both things in a way that will win you kudos from your boss and colleagues.

What’s The Key To Highly Successful Exhibiting?

It’s a big question but, the answers are all laid out in this interview with Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA.

If you are a trade show newbie or a marketing manager who knows their company could do better when exhibiting, this article is exactly what you need. A very down to earth, actionable guide, to really working, every aspect of show participation from a lady who has demonstrated how to do this, many, many times. Excellent information here.

Exhibiting Is Different

If you have an exhibition coming-up in the autumn, I hope that one or more of these articles inspires you to take action on some particular aspect of your participation. Perhaps taking a more in-depth approach to one of more of the disciplines described above.

If you are hugely busy, and who isn’t, my suggestion would be to focus on one area to improve or change and then measure the difference achieved in that area, post-show.

Making the time to prepare thoroughly for a show, will definitely repay you. You will see this in the results that you achieve.

Yes, trade shows are different to your usual marketing activities. They need a different skill set and approach to execution but they can be highly advantageous when it comes to winning new clients. Live marketing is what you are engaging in, don’t let your appearance sneak-up on you! See you in September.

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