Embarrassing moments in trade shows (continued)

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Posted by , 11th May 2022

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at work?

I’ve had many.

However, this one belongs to an old boss who went on to greatness in his career.

But before he got to be head of a multi-national event organising company, he was the manager and then director of a leading trade show.

The job involved meeting would-be clients and selling space in the show.

One such meeting with a hoped-for client was in a distant town in a time when sat nav didn’t exist.

Maps and directions from the person you planned to visit were then the means of navigation.

Well, try as he might, he couldn’t find the premises.

As far as he could tell, he was on the right street as he cruised up and down, looking for the company name.

He was running late, so in desperation, he pulled up and went into a telephone box (there were no mobiles back then).

We always carried coins for situations like this, and he was talking to his prospect within a minute or two.

He gave the best possible description of his surroundings.

The client asked him to describe his car.

Next, “are you wearing a grey suit?”

Feeling slightly awkward, he answered, “Uh, yes, I am.”

“Well, if you look up, you’ll see me waving to you.”

He got over his embarrassment once the client stopped laughing, and somehow he closed a sale.

As a boss, he was strict about many things.

Having clear directions to be on time for appointments was one, but he had the good grace to laugh at himself when telling this story.

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David O’Beirne

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