Effective trade show stands as seen in action at bett 2017

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Posted by , 14th March 2017

A tried and tested way to boost creative thought is to take yourself out of your normal environment so that you can see what’s going on in the wider world

That of course is exactly what visitors to a trade show like bett 2017 do whenever they attend an event. They want to see new things, find new products and meet new suppliers in an environment far away from their norm.

With this in mind and on your behalf I took myself to bett 2017 in January.  This show has some very creative stands in an event that is big and very well attended.  As you can see, from the picture above, there were some very crowded aisles!

Here’s a look at three stands that I really liked. I’ve chosen them as examples because elements of each could be applied to stands of most shapes and sizes.


Exhibitors Only - Just2Easy stand at bett 2017

I really liked this stand because the space that Just2Easy was occupying could have been considered a difficult one to work with. It occupied a long and narrow space along a perimeter wall, albeit in a location that was very close to the show entrance.

The stand had a number of elements that made it really effective.

  • Very clear, easy to read graphics in strong colours highlighted both the company name and their product
  • Demonstration spaces: Talks and demos took place in front of the screens
  • Even on this narrow stand there was an information point plus seating space to facilitate in-depth conversations
  • All Just2Easy staff were easy to identify in their bright blue sweats or T-shirts
The brief: visibility and accessibility

I asked Quin Chandler, Business Development Manager of Just2Easy for his views on how the stand had worked.

“Bett 2017 was a great success for us. We achieved significant interest with show visitors and our company also won an award. We won the bett award for ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment. So we were very happy.

With regards to our stand, we have chosen an open wall location for the last few years. This gives us a constant flow of potential customers and great visibility.

The long perimeter wall, enables us to demonstrate our products in an open and accommodating space. We really use the stand like a large information panel. Used in this way, it very quickly enables potential customers to identify our products and brand. With the additional side panel, we are able to promote new tools and our partners, without compromising the main design.”

The graphics and displays used on the stand were designed by Just2Easy’s in-house graphic designer Paul Gowdridge. The stand was built by Marsden Direct Group.


Exhibitors Only - Groupcall stand at bett 2017

The first thing I noticed about the Groupcall stand was the very large (40sqm), high-resolution digital screen that formed most of their back wall. This was very effective when it came to attracting visitor attention. Plus, the content displayed on the screen was really eye-catching.

The other important thing for me was that Groupcall’s name was displayed very prominently. It meant that locating them from a busy aisle was very easy to do.

Design and build a product focused stand

I asked Adam Ralph of Imagine Events, the company who designed and built Groupcall’s stand to talk me through the brief.

“Our brief from Groupcall was to design and build a product-focused stand. It was going to be situated in a new, more central position, in a space that occupied 110sqm.

The stand needed to include five product demonstration areas along with an eye-catching, on-stand attraction. To maximise their new location and the increased footfall opportunity, Groupcall wanted us to create a stand with a big presence. One that would attract a lot of attention in a very crowded show.


We always kept in mind that the stand was ultimately all about new business and lead generation so;

  • It was designed to be spacious and inviting
  • Touch screen information points were included
  • As were seating areas with screens for interactive conversations
  • We created a bar area both to welcome visitors but also to encourage them to engage with product demos
  • And we installed the giant LED video wall, which was used to promote Groupcall’s products as well as their charities (Sir Bob Geldof is a co-founder of Groupcall and an ambassador for their charities, Missing People and Child Rescue Alert.)

The stand worked extremely well. It created the impact demanded in the brief. Our client was very happy both with the stand and with their results from bett 2017.”

Firefly Learning

Exhibitors Only - Firefly stand at bett 2017

This stand occupied an area of 81sqm. It was open on three sides and was located on one of the main aisles of the show. It was striking to me because;

  • The corporate red of the Firefly logo which is a really strong colour, clearly stood out to the eye
  •  It had been incorporated very visually into the overall design of the stand
  • That red imagery was clearly visible from a distance because of the branding above the stand which included a hanging banner
  • The stand team and their goody bags were highly visible to show visitors
The brief for this stand: Lots of demonstrations

Anja Ambroz Bizjak, Events Marketing Executive for Firefly explains the thinking behind the brief and objectives for this stand.

“One of the USP’s we use to promote Firefly is the total simplicity of our product. In previous years this has been reflected in a very clean and simple stand design and we wanted to continue this look for our stand at bett 2017.

The Firefly product needs to be seen to really be understood and the best way to achieve this is via a quick personal demonstration with a Firefly consultant at a demo station.

Given that there could be as many as 20 Firefly staff on the stand plus visitors at any one time, the design needed to cater for a busy stand and I really think that we achieved this.

2nd requirement: Visual impact

The other very important part of our brief was that the stand had to create visual impact – we wanted the stand to be modern, sleek, edgy and vibrant but still be very functional.

We liked the innovative shape of the stand with the columns forming defined spaces while  keeping an open feel with the central area easily accessible. The columns also served as demo stations and the shape of the structure was in the shape of the Firefly logo, which was a very nice additional touch.”

The stand which was designed and built by Skyline Whitespace included;

  • 12 demo stations for PC’s to demonstrate the Firefly product
  • 4  ‘conversation tables’ where the Firefly team could demonstrate their mobile applications on tablets and mobile phones
  • A presentation area where invited Firefly schools could present on their use of the Firefly product
  • A large LCD screen that displayed company videos when presentations were not taking place
  • Storage space for marketing materials
  • Overhead branding

bett 2018 takes place at ExCeL London 24th-27th January 2018.

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