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Digital Displays: What Do They Offer That Graphics Can’t? This Stand Highlights Some Examples…

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Posted by , 10th May 2017

Digital screens excel when it comes to attracting visitor attention on a busy trade show floor. Request suggestions and prices for your next stand here

I’m often asked why all the fuss about digital displays or digital elements within stands at trade shows. Hopefully the images below which I took at this week’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) at Olympia will provide an answer.

Please bear in mind that I love printed graphics and they can be highly effective but they can’t do what the images below show; displays that move seamlessly from one strong, bright image to another accompanied with text and sound if you wish.

And a different view is now shown on all 4 panels of this short pillar screen but if an exhibitor wanted there could be different content on each face of the screen and you can upload new text, new video or images from your laptop or tablet.

This vivid imagery was used to demonstrate the versatility of what can be displayed. Like most stands, digital screens are built in modular units so they can be tall, wide or irregular shapes. If your budget is tight but you want a striking digital wall, combine a graphic wall with a digital screen built into it as part of the display.

Printed graphics are a lower cost option and used well they too can create great impact but I thought I would share these images because they highlight how another dimension can be added to exhibiting especially when it comes visibility and attracting visitor attention.

There were lots of other great pieces of digital of kit being shown at RBTE that would work really well for exhibitors. I’ll publish details on some of these in a later post.

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