Desert & Denim: A very different kind of trade show

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Posted by , 20th February 2017

Desert & Denim, a very different kind of trade show

Image by Kevin Roche 

Desert & Denim. Mmmm. How do you describe it?

Some have described it as part renegade tradeshow/part makers’ carnival/part desert hootenanny. It’s been called quite a few other things too but Desert & Denim, is certainly a trade show with a difference.

Head for the desert

When the UK is cold and wet in February, a gathering of exhibitors and visitors takes place in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park in California. Judging from videos I’ve seen and reports in the press, everyone seems to have a great time.  And why wouldn’t they? They are in a unique setting. No wonder attendees and exhibitors all seem to have a great time whilst doing business together.

To see a very creative approach to the business of trade shows both from the organising and exhibiting side of things, take a look at these images.

Desert & Denim highlights that the partnership approach to exhibiting (and organising) really works, it’s an approach that in my own modest way I encourage clients to follow and have written about in the 15 Steps To Successful Trade Show Participation guide that you can download from this site (see top right of this page).

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