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Artificial Intelligence: The 5 best AI events you should visit in 2019: Deep stats + great Infographic

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Posted by , 10th June 2019

Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing applications across a wide range of industries. Events focused on AI can be found in this handy list

There can be no doubt that artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace.

And for sure, those developments will also include applications for the events industry.

With that in mind and because of all of the interest in AI, we thought we’d share a short description of some of the leading events covering this subject.

AI events and conferences are now being held frequently around the world.

At these gatherings, enthusiasts and laymen alike gather to witness the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Each year, more AI events are popping up and some are pretty big, prestigious affairs.

Which is not surprising when you think that currently there are 4 billion devices in the world that carry AI applications.

So, below you’ll find a list of some of the biggest and best events taking place in 2019.

Attend one or more and you’ll be able to learn much more about the latest AI developments. Feel free to share your insights with us.

World Summit AI (October 9 – 10, Amsterdam)

TheWorld Summit AI is one of the most important AI events in the world.

Its goal is to address and discuss the biggest challenges and set the global AI agenda.

This event began as a small gathering but has now grown to over 6,000 attendees from more than 161 countries.

Among the participants are iconic and well-known names like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft.

Depending on what you’re interested in, you can visit conferences and listen to speeches held by the top experts from NASA, Toyota and, Alibaba, among others.

If you want to participate, you can do that too. Put your business forward to take part in a startup competition or talent show.

Doing so will give you a chance to make connections with other AI enthusiasts and show your latest achievements.

AI Hardware Summit (September 17 – 18, California)

The AI Hardware Summit takes place in Mountain View, California and is dedicated to the AI chip ecosystem.

The majority of AI events in this region are mainly focused on software.

That’s because the general public is more interested in the software and in learning more about
the visible results in AI development.

However, the real AI connoisseurs are also interested in hardware, which is where progress and big developments come from.

If you are an AI connoisseur, you can network with more than 600 professionals from semiconductor startups, chip companies, and data centres.

During the two days of the event, you can learn more about the hardware that makes AI possible, listen to inspiring speeches, and discuss innovative breakthroughs.

A tech fest indeed.

Artificial Intelligence: Strategies for a Digital Generation (August 7 – 8, California)

This Palo Alto event has a slightly narrower niche than other events on this list.

It combines the topics of AI and… the insurance industry.

Believe it or not, this combination always leads to some exciting discussions and important conclusions.

The conference is your chance to learn more about how AI is influencing and changing the insurance industry.

Experts regularly share insights on how AI improves underwriting, policy management processes, claims, and how you can use the latest technology in your business.

If you’re interested in both AI and insurance, this is your bag.

Intelligence Systems Conference, IntelliSys (September 5 – 6, London)

This annual UK conference gathers AI experts and enthusiasts from more than 55 different countries each year.

Delegates give their two pence worth on the newest developments in the AI field.

This year’s topic is focused on how artificial intelligence can be used in real-world situations and how it can solve some common real-world problems.

If you decide to attend, you will be able to choose from four unique conference tracks: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Robotics, and Ambient Intelligence.

Each track offers a unique approach to solving tough problems faced by the industry.

CogX 2019 (June 10 – 11, London)

CogX is one of the most significant AI conferences in Europe.

It aims to inspire and teach the AI community.

Attendees include both experts and laymen.

Last year, more than 6,500 attendees had a chance to learn from around 350 presenters.

The main topics at the conference usually revolve around the changing attitude toward artificial intelligence and AI’s impact on the world and human-centric computing.

This year’s event already promises to be bigger and better.

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