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Achieving big targets

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Posted by , 16th October 2019

One of the keys to success is knowing what it is you wish to achieve from the outset and that includes meeting big sales targets. Read how events can help.

Winning all of the silverware. Manchester City know about achieving big targets. Their haul of trophies as seen at Brand Licensing Europe. I haven’t defected; just seeing what Chelsea will win next season.

One of the keys to success in any endeavour is knowing what it is you wish to accomplish before you start.

If you want to lose weight and you’re serious about it, you figure out how many unwanted pounds you need to shed.

Then you work out a diet and exercise plan to deliver the result you want. 

It’s the same with delivering a sales target. 

You work out a plan that will realistically deliver the objective. 

It won’t come all at once but in chunks, and some pieces will be chunkier than others. 

There will be different sources delivering those sales and trade shows may well be one of those. 

Let’s speed those sales along

We know that selling a product or service in the business to business sector is usually a process.

Various steps need to be gone through before an order is confirmed.

Depending on what you sell, those steps can vary considerably – but there are steps. 

For some businesses, there may be an average of ten touchpoints before an order is realised, for other companies, it could be fifty. 

In other words, it’s rare for someone to call you up or email you out of the blue and place an order without any prior consultation with anyone in your business. 

Cutting chunks out of the sales process

The beauty of trade show participation is that exhibitions can cut huge chunks out of the usual sales process line. 

It’s a fact that event participation can cut down those sales steps massively. 

Here’s how it happens.

For a start, trade shows cut out many hours of prospecting time.

The organiser handles that problem for you when they bring targeted types of visitors through their doors. 

Don’t have a database of real live prospects? You will have by the time you leave the show. 

Do you find it hard to meet senior-level people from the companies you want to do business with? No problem there either, they walk right onto your stand. 

Would it be great to get samples of your new, lighter, wrap-around gizmo into the hands of buyers so they could see all of its advantages? I don’t need to spell this one out, do I?

Need to raise the profile of your business? Speak in the seminar or conference.  

Perhaps, you want to enthuse your sales team? Yep, that’s covered too. 

They should be buzzing after a show based on all of the conversations they’ve had with buyers who are actually interested to know about the products or service you offer.  

By the way, if any of your sales team aren’t buzzing, you may need to make plans for their replacement but that’s another post altogether. 

The multiplier effect 

Most exciting of all, trade shows can deliver this speeding up of the sales process with multiple companies at the same time. 

So if you are looking to reinvigorate sales or if you have an ambitious target to hit, look to your trade show programme to be a provider and one of the chunks I mentioned earlier. 

If you don’t have an event programme yet, seek the events that serve the people, companies and industries that you most want to be doing business with. 

The advantages of trade shows work for visitors too

Just as exhibitions can help move an exhibitor faster down the sales track, they can also help move visitors along their process line at a much faster rate.

For visitors, excellent exhibitions bring together many potential suppliers and products in one, time-effective visit.

Visitors at a trade show can see and compare many options.

They can move from the initial interest or enquiry stage to detailed quotes, samples or presentations in a matter of days rather than the weeks or months it would take them if they had to trawl through potential suppliers on the internet or go through numerous trade journals. 

Speeding sales along for your business

If you would like help in putting together an event strategy for your business, let’s talk.

I have the first-hand experience in planning and executing sales strategies, both for events and for sales in general. 

To get things started, email david@exhibitorsonly.biz and we can book a time to discuss what you need. 

A whole event dedicated to fast growth 

The Festival of Enterprise, the UK’s biggest event for fast-growth businesses and scale-ups takes place next week at the NEC Birmingham. 

The two-day event happens on Wednesday and Thursday; 23rd and 24th October respectively and it offers a mass of free educational seminars and talks led by proven business leaders. You can see the speaker line-up here.   

It’s an event that I have helped by writing emails, press releases and advertisements to attract exhibitors and visitors. However, I’m also keen to learn and to get some growth ideas of my own so, I plan to attend on Wednesday.

You can get free tickets by clicking on the image above. 

Read my posts on direct marketing  

Every month I write a post for ESSA, the Event Supplier and Services Association on direct marketing. If this is an area of interest, you can read them via ESSA’s blog page. Click here for details.

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