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A lesson from DES that could be useful now

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Posted by , 15th September 2020

A lesson from DES that could be useful now

Birmingham wasn’t always favoured as a venue for trade shows (Photo by Brian Lewicki on Unsplash)

This week in September many years ago, was for four years my regular appointment slot with the NEC in Birmingham. 

I travelled there as part of the organising team for the Design Engineering Show. 

DES as we called it, marked my first exposure to exhibitions of any kind. 

The thing you might find interesting about this event was the fact that to get it launched and growing we had to convince exhibitors that a show in Birmingham would work. 

Up until then, engineering events took place in London though the heartland of manufacturing was way north of the capital. 

To win over reluctant marketing directors and business owners, we advocated the use of shell scheme stands.

We also actively campaigned against exhibitors taking large spaces or custom-built stands until they had tested the show. 

We knew, (well my boss did), if exhibitors tested the event in a low-cost way, they would see how valuable it could be.

Happy clients would scale-up their presence in future events. 

It was a highly successful strategy. Many London-based exhibitors transferred their allegiance and their budgets to DES in Birmingham. 

In these COVID-19 times, scaling- down your presence when you next exhibit, will help make exhibiting a paying proposition.

Attendance to shows will likely be lower when they restart but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exhibit.    

The visitors attending will be serious buyers representing highly valuable potential sales leads. 

A scaled-down space, with fewer people working the stand is the way to make exhibiting a paying proposition. 

A further aid to profitable exhibiting, one that we couldn’t offer exhibitors way back at DES, was the use of content. 

Use those whitepapers, reports, case studies your business has created to build sales before, during and after an event. 

If you want to create something new, or perhaps update or re-purpose existing content, we would be delighted to help. 

For a quotation, email david@exhibitorsonly.biz and we can arrange a call to discuss what you need and when. 

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