5 Ways To Enhance Attendee Experience: Report highlights why attendee experience is so important to event success

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Posted by , 3rd October 2018

5 Ways To Enhance Attendee Experience

Coffee has the power of attraction at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events. One proven tactic for improving attendee experience  

A new report offers marketing professionals five strategies for making more impact at live events.

Published by events specialist Henry’s Coffee, “5 Ways To Enhance Attendee Experience” is the brainchild of Henry’s founder Lee Wildridge (seen in the picture at the top of the page – Lee is wearing the Trilby).

The thirty-page guide presents a range of ideas drawn from years of live event experience. 

Not just about Coffee

Henry’s Coffee as the name suggests, specialise in creating event features around coffee, but the report offers a much wider perspective as described by Lee Wildridge.

We wanted to share tips and advice that we have learned from working across such a wide range of events. From exhibitions and conferences to festivals and outdoor product launches. So the scope is much wider than coffee although that’s a great place to start!

5 Ways To Enhance Attendee Experience

A Henry’s Coffee team in action at a trade show. Promoting your product or service to visitors while they queue is just one of the tips in the report.  

The importance of “experience” to event success

The report highlights the importance of experience to attracting attendees and to being remembered by them post-event.

  • In face to face marketing, experience is increasingly important to success
  • Millennials, a fast-growing demographic in the workforce, are much more likely to spend their money on experiences in their out of work lives than on things. This marks a big shift when compared with the Baby Boomer generation born before Millennials
  • If you need convincing on the importance of experience consider the rise of the festival culture
  • Nearly 4 million people go to festivals in the UK or approx 7% of the population (Balance Magazine June 2018)
  • Nearly 60% of festival goers are Millennials (Festival Awards Market Report 2017)
  • There were more than 1,000 festivals held in the UK in 2016 (Financial Times April 2017)
  • Some trade shows particularly in the United States are incorporating festival elements into their events (Desert & Denim and Complex Con are two excellent examples)
  • Incorporating some of the festival feel to your events can help make your brand more attractive and memorable to your target audience

Report is free and available now

To obtain a copy of “5 Ways To Enhance Attendee Experience” email: info@henryscoffeebar.com 
In your email ask the team at Henry’s to send you a copy of their report.

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